Previously on Comics: Yuri On…Youngblood?

Hello all, this is Kayleigh with the last “Previously on Comics” for February! I’m writing this at the end of a busy weekend, after hosting my very own Galentine’s Day party, making bachelorette party plans with my Wedding Issue co-writer Rebecca, and somehow finding the time to finish Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. I hope you all had a nice weekend, and may all your Oscar favorites win! Now, onto the comics news!

  • Marvel Zombies refuses to stay buried! Marvel Comics is publishing an English edition of Yusaka Komiyama’s manga Avengers: Zombies Assemble as a miniseries. Jim Zub describes the series as, “Avengers movie fan fiction run amuck, but I mean that in a complimentary way.”
  • Youngblood is back! As Image Comics celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, they’ll be relaunching their very first series in May with the creative team of Chad Bowers and Jim Towe. Created by Rob Liefeld, Youngblood famously embodied the “big pouches and bigger muscles” superhero art style of the 1990s, but the new series features the ultra-modern premise of an app that can pick which hero saves you.
  • On Instagram, fashion company Pinup Girl Clothing previewed their collaboration with Los Bros Hernandez by showing off leggings with a “Space Babes” print by Gilbert Hernandez. Out of this world!
  • The Vancouver-based Cloudscape Comics Society has launched a series of short comics illustrating the experiences of immigrants who came to Canada to escape hardship or persecution. “As artists, this is a way we can give back,” says executive director Oliver McTavish-Wisden.
  • Yuri on Ice fans, prepare to pant over this Victor Nikiforov pinup by history-maker Kris Anka, which will be available soon as a print. The sparkles!

The Obligatory Batch of Comic Book Show Casting News:

  • Hart of Dixie’s Cress Williams has been cast in the title role in the CW pilot Black Lightning. Williams will play Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero who is pulled back into the vigilante life to save a student.
  • Jamie Chung has signed on to play the teleporting mutant Blink in Fox’s as-yet-untitled action adventure series set in the world of the X-Men. This would be the second “comic book show on Fox” role for Chung, who played reporter Valerie Vale on Gotham last year.
  • Iwan Rheon will play Maximus, the cunning and ambitious brother of Black Bolt, in ABC’s upcoming Inhumans television series. Being cast in a Marvel property is like coming full circle for Rheon, who played a superpowered outsider in the British tv show Misfits. (Okay, he was also on Game of Thrones, but I never get to talk about Misfits.)
Kayleigh Hearn

Kayleigh Hearn

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