How to Throw a Watch Party in the Name of Sailor Moon R: The Movie

I know I wasn’t the only Sailor Moon fan who was delighted at the news that Viz Media would be re-releasing Sailor Moon R: The Movie in theatres this month, continuing their mission to bring the show back for a new generation of Moonies. Los Angeles will be getting a glitzy premiere on January 13, with screenings scheduled for cities across the United States.

Personally, R’s always been my favourite of the three Sailor Moon films, and while I’m disappointed that we’re not getting a Toronto screening, that doesn’t mean I’ll miss the chance to watch it all over again. For those of you who are likewise unable to make it out to a nearby theatre, but might be rewatching the original film anyway, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for a moonlit night with your favourite Sailor Senshi! So hit play, and let’s get started:

Sailor Moon Character Socks - Dani's ChoiceWhat should one wear to a Sailor Moon watch party? Well, you can’t go wrong with moon-themed accessories, like this Luna beanie, and fuzzy socks will make sure you can slide right across the floor to defeat the Negaverse should it disrupt the movie.

Sailor Moon Lounge Shirt - Animute on EtsyTop it all off with a comfy lounge shirt with our favourite Moon Princess, or an inspiring reminder from the senshi. If you’re feeling particularly snuggly, these pink-and-purple pajamas might be a great way to stay warm on the couch.

So now you’re dressed and ready to fight evil by moonlight! Of course, we can’t have a watch party for our favourite Dumpling Head without food for energy, and especially sweets!

Don’t forget to put on an apron before you start cooking–this gorgeous manga print apron will certainly catch your guests’ eyes as you prepare a snack table Usagi herself would love.

For a fun pre-screening lunch, perhaps try making some bento boxes a la Mako-chan?

Mako-chan Bento Box - Sailor Moon - Real Anime Food

These light and fluffy bunny roll cakes are sure to be popular at the dessert table:

Mini Bunny Deco Japanese Soufflé Roll Cake - Kelly Chan

If you’re feeling a little more artistic, or have lots of time to devote to decorating, Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies has a great recipe for Sailor Moon Brooch Pinata Cookies:

Tuxedo Mask Body Pillow - Hot TopicWhile you’re waiting for those cookies to bake, may I suggest cuddling up next to Tuxedo Mask himself with this body pillow from Hot Topic? It’s the perfect companion for a movie centered around Mamoru’s past.

And if you and your friends are feeling a tad cold, LookHuman’s got a blanket that has almost exactly the same pattern as Usagi’s bedsheets:

Sailor Moon Bunny Blanket - LookHuman

Whatever tips and items you decide to add to your watch party, let me know! I’ll definitely be curling up on the couch on January 13 to rewatch Usagi, Mamoru, and the senshi face off against Fiore, and yes, I’ll be excitedly singing along to “Moon Revenge” too.

Angel Cruz

Angel Cruz

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