Steven Chewniverse: A Steven Universe Snackticle

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We’re finally getting a new Steven Universe episode bomb and what better way to celebrate than to make Steven Universe-inspired snacks to eat while re-watching old eps or watching new ones! No matter if you’re an experienced competitor or just a rookie in the Restaurant Wars, Steven has a recipe (organized from easiest to hardest) for you to try!

Dish: Together Breakfast
Episode: “Together Breakfast,” 1×4
Difficulty: 1/4 Steven Stars

That thing’s too good for me to all alone! It’s a…Together Breakfast!
—Steven Universe, “Together Breakfast”

Make and eat this Together Breakfast with the ones you love! Shout-out to Abbe Drake and Jimmy Wong of Feast of Fiction for providing a recipe! Jimmy makes his waffles in an oven but a toaster works too. You’ll want to eat your Together Breakfast as soon as you’ve assembled it to lower the chances of it gaining sentience…and also since the whip cream will melt quickly due to the heat of the waffles. Fortunately there’s really no wrong way to eat Together Breakfast as long as you eat it with the ones you love. :3

Dish: Everything Bageldog
Episode: “Steven Universe” comic, vol. 1
Difficulty: 1/4 Steven Stars

Do I want a bagel? Or a hotdog? Or BOTH? Together?!
—Steven Universe, “Steven Chewniverse,” Steven Universe #1

Do you want a bagel? Do you want a hotdog? Can’t decide?? Well now you don’t have to! Inspired by Kali Ciemier’s friends’ annual Franksgiving, now you too can enjoy the best of both worlds (like Earth and Homeworld? Get it??) and have a tasty hotdog with all of your favorite bagel toppings! Since it includes chopping up your green onions/scallions if you want it as a topping, this recipe is a bit harder than Together Breakfast, but no less delicious! Will you go one further and have it with hot sauce? 😀

Steven Chewniverse by Kali Ciesmier in "Steven Universe #1" by Boom! Studios
Steven Chewniverse by Kali Ciesmier in “Steven Universe #1” by Boom! Studios

Dish: Big Donut Donuts
Episode: Many, many episodes, but especially “Joking Victim,” 1×21
Difficulty 2/4 Steven Stars

Donuts at the Big Donut!
They make the world go ’round
A treat when you are down!
Donuts (wow!) at the Big Donut (bam!)
Dunk them in coffee or tea, napkins are always free!”
Harold Smiley, “Do or Donut”

For maximum authenticity, get your donuts at your local Big Donut! If, however, your local town is not fortunate to have a Big Donut branch, Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies can show you how to make your own! Yes, these are technically Simpsons donuts but I won’t tell if you won’t! The most important thing is to love donuts! Oh, and have a donut pan, that too. Treasure each and every one of your donuts and don’t take them for granted, like some people *coughOnioncough,* but if someone offers you a Fire Salt Donut, don’t eat it! XD

Dish: Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches
Episode: “Gem Glow,” 1×1
Difficulty: 3/4 Steve Stars

Cookie Cat!
He’s a pet for your tummy!
Cookie Cat!
He’s super duper yummy!
Steven, “Cookie Cat Rap”

Although you can no longer find Cookie Cat in stores (not even at Gurgens on Route 109!), you can make them from scratch thanks to Nerdy Nummies, which has a recipe and video tutorial (see below)! Of course, you can always cheat by buying regular ol’ ice cream sandwiches and cut them into shape, but then you’ll make me sadder than Cookie Cat leaving his family behind. :'( Whatever you do, just don’t buy Lion Lickers because they’re the worst! Unless, of course, you’re just buying them to give to your giant pink Lion. 😉

Dish: Fantastic Fries and Pizza Bagel
Episode: “Restaurant Wars,” 3×12
Difficulty: 4/4 Steven Stars

The ketchup – is INSIDE THE FRIES?!
—Mr. Fryman, “Restaurant Wars”

This cream cheese…in this pizza bagel….it adds a whole other level of flavor! And with pizza on a bagel – you can eat pizza ANY TIME!
—Kofi Pizza, “Restaurant Wars”

Avant-garde, mind-blowing recipes to put your enemies out of business! Feast of Fiction has a recipe for both for you to try! Pizza on a Bagel is quicker to make than the Ketchup-Less Fries and healthier as well – you have your vegetables, dairy, and carbs! Pizza on a Bagel is also more convenient to make and eat; no oven needed and you can eat pizza at any time. Be sure to eat the fries as soon as you’re done – you won’t want your fries to get soggy from the ketchup inside! Use your cooking powers wisely… 🙂

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