Previously On Comics: Attack on Titan Hollywood Live Action Adaptation

Hello readers! It’s been a week, hasn’t it? From current political events in the United States to people arguing about punching Nazis (correct answer: always okay), headlines have not been dull. When the titan is a nazi, an Attack on Titan is always okay.

Attack On Titan Vol 1. Kodansha.
Attack On Titan Vol 1

Early last week, Deadline reported that Warner Brothers was negotiating for the Hollywood rights of Attack on Titan. Never mind the question of whether we actually need another live action Attack on Titan movie, a Hollywood feature film would completely capitalize on the original manga’s worldbuilding about the scarcity of Asians and cast all white people. Call me cynical, but don’t you see that happening? Despite the flurry of rumors spurred on by the report, Kodansha was quick to deny them. Based on the wording, however, it looks like an American remake is inevitable even if Warner Brothers will not be helming the project.

In other seemingly inevitable news, DC Comics will be raising the price of several monthly Rebirth titles. Additionally, they will be offering download codes for matching digital copies. The latter comes after Marvel recently stopped offering download codes for matching digital copies of their own comics.

Rather than competing, two companies have partnered to bring more print light novels to an English-speaking audience. Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment and the digital light novel subscription platform J-Novel Club will begin with Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and Occultic;Nine.

Speaking of expansions, VIZ Media announced via press release that they’ve increased their offerings on Overdrive. Among the new titles added to the platform are One-Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul, and Rurouni Kenshin. Go forth and read!

Finally, a recent Japanese web comic addresses the state of parent-and-child relationships. Although the manga specifically discusses these familial interactions in the context of Japanese culture and society, I think people can still empathize with the issues explores here.

That’s it for this week. See you next time!

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