Thursday Book Beat: Downie Honoured, Racist Children’s Book Parody and Cursed Child tops Amazon’s Bestseller List.

Hi book lovers! I am still in the middle of my exams, so I’m still only reading textbooks and am a ball of stress, coffee, and cookies. I can’t wait until I’m on break. I decided I need to dedicate time to reading, writing, and to me! I hope you all are making your lists, checking them twice, or maybe you don’t do presents or the holiday thing. That is cool too!

Gord Downie was honoured this week by National Chief Bellegarde, presented with an eagle feather, and given the spirit name, Wicapi Omani, which translates to “man who walks among stars.” Downie famous for being the frontman of the band The Tragically Hip is also the co-author of Secret Path, the story of Chanie Wenjack, a 12-year-old boy who died trying to escape from a residential school. Canada has an ugly colonial history, and Downie has brought this much needed call for reconciliation to mainstream media. It’s time Canada moves towards genuine reconciliation that doesn’t rely on superstars to make it an issue. That being said, it clear the community thanks Downie and so do I. You can read more about the ceremony here.

Last week I spoke about how J.K Rowling’s script The Cursed Child lost the Waterstones award. The script did, however, land at the top of’s bestsellers of 2016. So I guess you win some you lose some J.K.

I also spoke last week about the news that George R.R. Martin might actually have a deadline for the next book in the Song of Fire and Ice series. But don’t get too excited yet; he told attendees at a Book Fair in Mexico that there are a lot of dark chapters and well winter has come. He said in an article by the UK Telegraph, “Things get worse before they get better so things are getting worse for a lot of people.” Yikes. Considering the HBO show has caught up to and surpassed the books maybe we saw the worst already? I’m hoping. Martin, if I have to meet my deadlines then so do you!

Bad Little Children's Book Pulled After Racist Claims
Bad Little Children’s Book Pulled After Racist Claims

A collection of satire books called Bad Little Children’s Books was pulled by the author after a slew of Twitter complaints stated the titles went past parody and humour and into racist themes and Islamophobia. Covers included First Nation’s family with a blanket riddled with smallpox. Another horrific one included a girl in a hijab throwing a bomb at a white boy. The author chose to bestow the blame on the current political climate and said it was not the right time for his works to be read; don’t hold your breath though, sir, the time will never come for bigotry and hatred. You can read more about the ordeal here.

In some happy news, well happy, but it’s about the new Series of Unfortunate Event Netflix original, the second trailer was released. Neil Patrick Harris seems to be fitting as the role of Olaf, but Alfre Woodard stole the trailer as anxious Aunt Josephine. After a disastrous movie adaptation that rushed through plot lines I’m excited for a well done show.

Happy Thursday!

Ashley Ash

Ashley Ash

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