Thursday Book Beat: Gifs, Ryan Higa’s New Book and More Gifs

I’ve once again crashed the Book Beat party while Ashley is away. I take the responsibility of sharing book news seriously. Who knows? I could be saving lives.

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Ryan Higa is putting out a book. He’s a big deal YouTuber as well as an actor, comedian, and producer. His Draw My Life video is the inspiration for the book and it’s garnered over 27.5 million views. I’ve seen Higa’s videos when I was in high school and loved the Kpop parody video he did with other YouTubers back in May. The best thing about this book announcement is the temporary title: Ryan Higa’s Book That Doesn’t Have a Title Yet Because Ryan Doesn’t Know What to Call It.

Sign. Me. Up.

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Penguin Random House Canada Young Readers has announced a YA imprint. It’s called Penguin Teen and it’ll have the titles that used to be under Doubleday Canada Books for Young Readers and Razorbill Canada.

“In 2015, the Canadian children’s imprints came together under one group as part of the larger Penguin Random House merger. Since then, we’ve been reviewing our lists and looking for opportunities to build on our strengths. Given the impressive legacy of our young adult programs, we felt we could best serve our authors and their readers with one focused imprint for our YA titles. Penguin’s brand is widely recognized around the world, by teens and adult readers alike.”

Penguin Teen will join two other imprints under the Penguin Random House Canada Young Readers banner: Thundra Books and Puffin Canada. As a reader of YA, I think this is a neat idea. [Ed. note: Also, a much easier name to type].

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We Need Diverse Books has launched an app called OurStory that consists of 1,200 curated titles featuring diverse characters and themes. People can use the database to look for recommendations and it will be available in January 2017. This is awesome and very helpful for those of us trying to diversify our reading. Reading diverse titles is hard! It requires work and this’ll make the work easier.

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Other News-y Things:

Apparently “young women ‘should model themselves on Shakespeare’s heroines instead of Kim Kardashian.'” Lolz.

More Star Wars novels!

I’m sure there’s more news but I need to go now. Bye.

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