Previously On Comics: Wonder Woman at the UN, Campbell’s Riri Cover, and the Check, Please! Kickstarter

Hello again! Kate here to catch you up with the news you might have missed from last week.

The top story last week was, of course, Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary. There were a number of exciting things that happened, including Wonder Woman being named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. That’s a real thing!! And DC Comics announced a new Wonder Woman-themed program on empowering women, which I think is pretty cool.

But for some reason it really annoyed some people who think she is too feminist, too sexy, and too queer. Of all the responses I’ve seen, I like this New York Times op-ed asking, “Is It Time for Wonder Woman To Hang Up Her Bathing Suit?” because it’s pretty good at pointing out the massive cultural disconnect between comics and the rest of society, which comics people need to be reminded of from time to time. I also like this Mary Sue take down.

On the Marvel side of things, mostly people have been talking about the Midtown Comics J. Scott Campbell variant cover of Riri Williams, which, as many people have pointed out, awfully sexualized for a 15 year-old girl. It also inspired MizCaramelVixen to create the #TeensWhoLookLikeTeens hashtag, and praise be, Marvel appears to have actually listened, and the cover was pulled (although the second cover by JSC which has Riri in the exact same pose except wearing non-canon boob-cup Iron Man armor is still available). Marvel also released artwork of the comics interiors, and the armor, just to further illustrate how far JSC strayed from Riri’s aesthetic.

Moving on, people also celebrated the announcement at Melissa Rosenberg’s panel at the Transforming Hollywood 7: Diversifying Entertainment conference that season two of Jessica Jones will be directly entirely by women (it’s important to note that Ava DuVernay created this precedent by hiring only women to direct her series Queen Sugar). 

In other news:

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