10 Last Minute Queer Women Couples Costumes for Halloween

Renée O'Connor as Gabrielle, Lucy Lawless as Xena: Warrior Princess

It’s time for Halloween and that means couples costumes! Unfortunately, however, many of the couple costume ideas found online and in magazines are of the decidedly heterosexual bent. Not to fear, WWAC is here! Below, in no particular order, are ten queer couple costumes for Halloween or any costume party at any time of the year.

Josephine Baker and Frida Kahlo

Yes, you read that right: dancer and Civil Rights supporter Josephine Baker and the Mexican painter and Marxist Frida Kahlo were most definitely friends and might have even been a thing. Individually Josephine and Frida were, and still are, fashion icons—could anyone forget Josephine’s banana skirt or pass up Frida’s colorful outfits? Slick back your hair and sport a smokey eye if you’re going as Josephone and add silk flowers or a flower headband and a unibrow if you’re going as Frida! Together you and your partner will be the most glamorous couple of the night!

Good for

  • PoC couples
  • people who want to make a splash
  • fashionable folks
  • people who aren’t afraid to be cold

Josephine Baker

  • nude bra/tank OR sparkly bra
  • bright yellow skirt
  • gold hoops OR chandelier earrings
  • several faux pearl necklaces
  • strappy nude sandals
  • fake bananas (optional)

Frida Kahlo

  • silk flowers OR flower band
  • white blouse
  • long red skirt
  • strappy nude sandals
  • tassel earrings (optional)
  • colorful scarf OR shawl (optional)

Laura and Carmilla, Carmilla

Carmilla has ended (noooo) but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t live on (uh, metaphorically, I mean)! This is probably the easiest costume pairing in this list—you probably have most of the components in your closet already. And since neither Laura nor Carmilla have one single look, you can play fast and loose with what you end up wearing.

Good for

  • people who don’t like “costume-y” costumes
  • people who have geeky friends
  • people who want to shop their closet


  • jeans
  • button-up shirt or blouse
  • flats or loafers
  • black blazer (optional)
  • gold necklace (optional)


  • dark grey or black shirt
  • black faux-leather pants or denim jeans
  • black boots
  • dark red lipstick (optional)
  • long gold necklace (optional)
  • black nail polish (optional)

Korra and Assami (Korrasami), The Legend of Korra

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Korrasami broke the LGBQTA+ Legend of Korra fandom. We got not only a canon gay pairing (with a happy ending, no less!) but one with two women of Color (WoC). Korra’s costume is a bit harder to put together than Asami’s since Asami’s look is more contemporary, but don’t stress out about it—Korra’s not one to fuss much over her look.

Good for:

  • PoC
  • people who have geeky friends
  • people with short hair


  • blue sleeveless shirt or tank
  • dark blue or navy sweatpants
  • soft brown winter boots
  • black arm warmers or longer fingerless gloves


  • grey or black capelet
  • dark red sweater, jacket, or coat
  • black belt (optional)
  • grey or black pencil skirt
  • taupe or grey tights
  • grey or black ankle boots

Pearl and Mystery Girl, Steven Universe

So you and your partner are Steven Universe fans and you’re both currently going through some withdrawal. What better way to address that than to go as Pearl and Mystery Girl? This couple costume can also be a fun craft project if you’re the kind of person who wants to get all the details right. The emoji on the back of Pearl’s jacket and the star on her shirt, for instance, can be made with yellow felt and you can buy Pearl’s pearl from Etsy or try modifying one from a craft or beading store or even making one of your own. You can also draw the design on Mystery Girl’s shirt with black fabric paint and use a silver jump ring, captive bead ring, or silver paint to fake Mystery Girl’s lipring. Now pop your collar and go be a criminal rock out responsibly!

Good for

  • people with colored hair
  • people with retro/grunge style
  • people who want to shop their closet
  • people who are crafty


  • faux-leather OR black denim jacket
  • sky-blue tee
  • jean capris
  • blue ballet flats
  • orange wig (optional)
  • yellow felt OR yellow fabric paint (optional)
  • flat oval pearl (optional)
  • spirit gum (optional)

Mystery Girl

  • white tee or crop top
  • black sweats (get men’s for that loose look), ripped
  • black boots
  • green flannel
  • fake piercings
  • pink wig (optional)
  • black fabric paint (optional)
  • silver jump ring OR captive bead ring OR silver paint (optional)
  • black or dark gray eyeshadow (optional)
  • mascara (optional)

Gabrielle and Xena, Xena: Warrior Princess

This is a particularly good couple costume if one of you is a blonde and one is a brunette (or if you buy some braided hairbands and long wigs with bangs). Alternatively if you have short blonde hair you could also rock Gabrielle’s later look. Don’t for get to swap out the green croptop for a brown tank and grab some daggers or sais (check out the ninja or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle accessories) from a costume or toy store!

Good for

  • 90’s kids
  • people with short hair
  • people who want to shop their closet
  • people who aren’t afraid to be cold


  • faux-leather dress OR skirt and top
  • knee-high boots or lace-up sandals
  • gold or leather cuffs and arm bands
  • toy sword (optional)


  • green croptop or tank OR crochet or fringed tank or croptop
  • brown suede skirt
  • brown calf-high boots
  • costume sais or dagger (optional)
Stephanie Tran

Stephanie Tran

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