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Batwoman pin-up from Love is Love. Art by Rafael Albuquerque. DC/IDW.Hi everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, I’m feeling the first bite of autumn. Are you ready for cooler temperatures? No matter the answer, it is perfect comics reading weather. So let’s get caught up on recent headlines!

The world has been a scary place lately and we often use comics as a means to distract us from that darkness. But at their best, comics can make an impact and change lives. This December, DC and IDW Publishing are releasing Love is Love, a comic book whose proceeds will benefit Equality Florida and those affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting.


Love is Love isn’t the only comic that intends to benefit real-life causes. Faith‘s titular heroine is becoming a comics ambassador for breast cancer awareness organization, Keep a Breast. The partnership between Valiant and Keep a Breast will be officially launching next month at NYCC.

The Summer Olympics are long over, but we all know that the next host city will be Tokyo. And if there’s one thing I’m anticipating, it’s the merchandise. No one knows how to do merchandise better than Japan. Check out this Tokyo 2020 pin featuring Pikachu!

Official Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics pin.

No doubt, Japanese pop culture has left its mark across the world. Building upon that impact, Japan plans to name 88 landmarks from manga and anime as part of its tourism initiative. Considering how many people travel to Japan because of their love of manga and anime, it seems like a smart idea. Depending on how they spread the landmarks across the country, travelers will have the opportunity to take an amazing tour.

Kate Bishop gets her first solo title this December. Looks like she’ll be hitting the streets of Los Angeles as a P.I. What do we think, Marvel fans? Excited?

Other tidbits worthy of note:

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