Day: September 7, 2016

Mermaid by artist Paige Hall, image courtesy Paige Hall.

Iridescent Tails and Starfish Pasties: An Interview with Fat Mermaids’ Paige Hall

When I spoke to Paige Hall about her recently released project, Fat Mermaids: A Collaborative Charity Zine, and asked her why she’s so passionate about mermaids, I received the best answer anyone has ever given me: “What’s not to love about a chunky iridescent tail and starfish pasties?” Hall is an illustrator and avid advocate…

Get Your Game on Wednesday

Howdy, gaming lovelies! This week,  I’m feeling a tad dorky because I am over-the-moon excited about this Friday’s Pure Chess match up between chess Grandmaster Simon William against the Twitch viewers’ chat. Silly, I know, but what else would you expect from someone who visited to the World Chess Hall of Fame? Now on to the news!…