Previously On Comics: World of Wakanda, Superman’s Assets, and More.

It’s time once again to look at the headlines for the previous week’s comics news! We’re still catching up from SDCC, so bear with us as we continue to get these profiles, and interviews up for you. Definitely check out Wendy’s profile on David Mack while you wait, though.

This article from Paste is a pretty good write-up of the Eisners, and it begs the question–why do we even care about the big two anymore?

That being said, Marvel probably had the biggest announcement of the week, announcing that renowned author Roxane Gay would be writing a Black Panther companion comic titled World of Wakanda. The comic, co-written with Ta-Nehisi Coates will focus on Ayo, and Aneka, members of the Dora Milaje, who in addition to being badass fighters are also lovers. The first issue will also feature a 10-page story written by poet Yona Harvey–pretty high caliber bonus content, if you ask me.

As when Marvel announced Ta-Nehisi Coates on Black Panther, Marvel took to the New York Times. And I’m glad, because this is a big deal, not only for Marvel to get another new writer of this caliber, but because Gay is the first black woman to write for Marvel comics. And this announcement comes just weeks after Marvel faced criticism, again, for its failure to hire black women creators.

This announcement reminds me a little bit of Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination. It is absolutely a big move for the Democratic Party, and the United States to nominate a woman, but many other countries have not only been nominating women but electing them as their leaders since the 1960s. So, yes. It’s important that Marvel is finally hiring a black woman, and I am thrilled that it’s Roxane Gay. But you also can’t help but wonder why the hell it took until 2016 for it to happen.

Always applaud for Roxane Gay.
Always applaud for Roxane Gay.

The second biggest announcement wasn’t really an announcement so much as a photo. Or rather, a series of photos. TV’s Supergirl has started filming season two, and after releasing a shockingly badly photoshopped poster, a Tyler Hoechlin fansite posted photos from a set visit which showed off the new Man of Steel in his new super suit.


And all of his assets.


Twitter was suitably worked into a frenzy.

I will just say that I think it is a very nice suit, and Tyler Hoechlin fills it very well. I’ve been a big fan of Hoechlin for a few years now, and he’s always seemed to be a nice, humble young man. Because of that, I have no idea if this picture (below), which I still think would make a wonderful Superman cover, is part of a scene in the show, or just Hoechlin taking time on set when he’s not shooting to take a picture with a young fan.


Either way, it really does embody what people seem to want from this incarnation of Superman, and I have faith in Hoechlin to deliver.  Just look at these photos of Hoechlin as Clark with his BFF Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks). For those who didn’t watch Season 1, it’s canon that Clark is the only one allowed to call James “Jimmy.” And also, he gave James a special communicator so he can contact him whenever he needs to.

By the way, the CW will air Season 1 of Supergirl two episodes at a time on Mondays at 8 PM starting TODAY. Set your DVRs.

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