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Hi comics fans! This last week really got away from me. How’s your summer looking? I spend my days working at a college and as more students start showing up I find I have more geeky news to share with them. Here’s what we have this week:

I’ll be happy to say goodbye to summer, and not just because I’m tired of sweating. Luke Cage is almost here and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted, or so it seems so far. The full trailer was recently released (see below) and the Netflix Original will be available for bingeing on September 30, eight days into autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere.

So while I’m waiting for Cage to arrive and already wishing for more Stranger Things episodes, there is more good news. Supergirl has cast the incredible Sharon Leal to play Miss Martian, adding to the quickly expanding DC TV universe. Also, the very controversial artist Frank Cho left DC’s Wonder Woman cover gig, making room for a new artist. According to Bleeding Cool, that new artist is Jenny Frisson who has done covers for Angel, Red Sonja, and more! I’m excited to see what comes of this new partnership.

In some great manga news, Kodansha USA has rescued a handful of titles that were previously published by Del Rey Manga. They have new life as digital titles! Also, the mangaka of Gantz pleads with readers to buy manga volumes new versus used because creators don’t earn anything off of sales of used manga. (Similar to what authors experience with new versus used books in the U.S., isn’t it?)

If you’re looking for a way to spend your lunch break creating fast comics, the Hindustan Times pulled together comic strip creators for your amusement.

Like many other conventions, Boston Comic Con has been sold to Informa, which owns the FanExpo shows. Prices have increased as a result. In other comic con news, Indonesian artists have been invited to join the French festival, Angouleme International Comics Festival, which has occurred annually since 1973.

In the zine world, the 14th Annual Philly Zine Fest will take place this month, August 28th at University City. Juicy J is one of several cool judges of the Creator Project’s zine competition, which wrapped up August 15 and winners will be announced in the coming weeks. Pacolli talks inspiration for zine-making and suggests, “leave yourself alone.”

Via The Star“What would a Toronto-themed Pokemon look like? Local webcomic artist Jennifer Herd decided to imagine it, and drew several of Toronto’s best-known clichés as versions of the cartoon monsters.”

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