Line-ups and Lock-ups at the #BelleReveTO Suicide Squad Exhibit

I take my job as the ear-to-the-ground or pulse-checker (whatever floats your boat) of pop culture very seriously and when I heard there was a some kind of Suicide Squad promo exhibit, I jumped at the chance to get locked up at Belle Reve sanatorium.

misfits jail gif

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been to the Distillery District area in Toronto where this was being held so that played a huge part in why I wanted to go. It was a hot day and the trip required taking a streetcar which had me wondering if this was worth it. I get there and I’m struck by how cool the Distillery District looked. There was a chocolate bistro and that alone was exciting!

After being told to go around to the other side because I was at the building’s exit (it was taking place at the Fermenting Cellar which is an events space), I made it to Belle Reve and took pictures of the entrance while I waited in line.

After five minutes, I was let in and…went into another line. It was pretty dark and there wern’t clear directions or signs of what the different sections were. It was only after a few minutes, that I realized that I was in the line to see Deadshot’s cell; the one that was used in the film. Bonus: The guy behind me sounded like Will Smith so it felt like Deadshot was there (both Will Smith AND Margot Robbie were actually at the exhibit two days prior. I missed it and it’ll haunt me for days).

After checking out the cell, I went to see what was going on with the cage in the middle of the room. People where huddled around it and moments later, the lights turned on. There was someone inside wearing an orange jumpsuit, protective gear, and Harley Quinn’s pigtails. With a bat that looks like the one Harley wields in the film, participants can smash things (in this case, I think it was a printer) for a couple of seconds for some fun or release their pent up rage. I opted out because I was tired of lines by this point.

There were cardboard cut outs of the Squad and I took a selfie with Joker where my face said,  “I’m judging you.” There were props from the movie from each member: Katana’s mask, Slipknot’s rope, Deadshot’s monocle, Captain Boomerang’s…boomerang, Killer Croc’s handwraps, Enchantress’ wooden idol, Joker’s cane, Harley Quinn’s bat, Diablo’s cross, and Rick Flag’s American flag badge.

Overall, I don’t think it was worth going out of your way to attend but if you were in the area, why not stop by? But I’m still genuinely excited for the film which has people of colour making up more than half the main cast, four women, and two women of colour. That alone is worth going out of your way for.

Ardo Omer

Ardo Omer

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