Incredible Cosplayers of Anime Expo 2016!

This was my first ever Anime Expo (AX), and although I’m a veteran San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) goer, AX was extremely overwhelming. There was so much stimuli everywhere and, unfortunately, the first day was incredibly disappointing. The badge pick up line went up to a wait time of four hours. The second day went up to five hours. People were waiting in the hot sun since they placed the line in the most inconvenient spot.

Artist Alley was moved to the lowest floor of the convention center where air conditioning was nonexistent. I heard rumors that multiple people fainted down there, and I saw at least one ambulance every single day for attendees. The feeling I got from talking to multiple attendees was that AX really didn’t care about the well-being of anyone.
On the plus side, there were a lot of gorgeous cosplays, and the exhibit hall was well managed with a lot of interesting booths. There were a ton of cosplay meet-ups, such as a Disney meet-up, a Pokémon meet-up, a Dragon Age meet-up, a Hatsune Miku meet-up, etc. The programming was packed, but I really didn’t see any panels that interested me.
But what I did see was lots of great costumes!

4 thoughts on “Incredible Cosplayers of Anime Expo 2016!

  1. I feel like such a failure. I don’t think I got half of the cosplay references. Did get Ms. Frizzle though.

    1. Honestly, a lot of the Anime Expo cosplays are pretty obscure. I’m not super into anime so I didn’t understand a lot of their cosplays. But they looked cool haha!

  2. Terribly sad to hear that AX was not the most attendee-focused con, but I’m glad you found some good in it! all these cosplay photos are awesome! wowzers!

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