Inspiring Women Making (and Supporting) Comics Today!

Ed. note: Starting this week and continuing until I run out of people to bug, WWAC will be running short pieces on some of the women working in comics now who are doing innovative or inspiring work. And not just women creators, but women working in comics retail, merchandising, marketing, editorial, journalism, and more. If you would like to contribute to the series you can get in touch with me at

Becky Cloonan —

Becky is the kind of writer that I inspire to be. She’s one of the most fascinating and diverse comic writers I’ve come across in a very long time. From her work on Gotham Academy, which is all ages, to her current work on the Punisher, which is explicit, she is one of those writers that completely captures you with her way of storytelling. She hooks you and doesn’t let go, especially with books like Southern Cross, where the story is super sci-fi, very abstract and literally to die for. She carries so many hats with her many jobs and can flawlessly go from writer to artist to illustrator and completely slay the comic game.

Fiona Staples and Veronica Fish

Fiona and Veronica have one of those really beautiful, realistic and unique artistic styles. I honestly can’t separate them from one another, especially when talking about my love for them within the new Archie series. Fiona is an amazing artist that quickly becomes one of your favorites in a short amount of time. You can’t deny how good she is. Her work on Saga really brought her to the front in my comic world and honestly helped me pick up the series. Veronica Fish came out of nowhere and completely blew me away. Her work on The Wendy Project and the Archie series really had me hooked as one of her fans. Both of these women also work on the new Archie series, and it makes me happy to see the collaboration of their art in one book.

Cara McGee — Cara’s Patreon

Cara’s art is one of my favorite art styles ever. She, herself, has such a great personality that she brings into her art and her style is like no other. The first time I saw her art was seeing her punk!Avengers set, and I completely fell head over heels for her work. She also has a very diverse look when it comes to art and visual storytelling. Currently, she’s apart of the the ongoing series of Over The Garden Wall in comic form. This is a HUGE and amazing thing for her, and she’s so good at everything she does. I hope one day that I’ll be able to work with Cara and have some tea with her.

Stephanie Cooke — Rogue’s Portal

Stephanie is such a tour-de-force in comics, and she’s so low-key about it. It’s been such a pleasure and a privilege to work and get to know Stephanie. She’s a woman who encourages different voices and different takes to what everyone has to offer. She brings her personality and her all into what she does. From her work with Talking Comics, Secret Loves and to her podcasts The Missfits & Comicsbound, and now being Editor in Chief of Rogues Portal, she puts her all and her everything into what she does, and that’s the beauty of her.

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Insha Fitzpatrick

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