Inspiring Women in Comics Publishing and Retail Today!

Ed. note: Starting this week and continuing until I run out of people to bug, WWAC will be running short pieces on some of the women working in comics now who are doing innovative or inspiring work. And not just women creators, but women working in comics retail, merchandising, marketing, editorial, journalism, and more. If you would like to contribute to the series, you can get in touch with me at

There are so many women working in comics, and I feel a lot of pressure and embarrassment if I don’t recognize someone’s name. When I talk with convention organizers, I always ask them how many female creators they have as featured guests; fortunately, the one time I had a conversation lasting over an hour and was told that many were invited, but they couldn’t make arrangements or fit another con into their schedules. It’s important to have a chance to see them as “real” people not only names on a title page.

Kate Leth and the LCS Valkyries — Beware the Valkyries

There are always new groups of women or women’s book clubs popping up, but emphasizing retailers and people in the industry was a void that the Valkyries have filled in ways that’s inclusive, fun, and uplifting. They ask daily Twitter questions where you can see all the characters, creators, and titles that get readers excited.

Erika Moen (and Matthew Nolan) — Oh Joy Sex Toy!

As a dynamic team, they’ve made sex education fun, modern, and accessible! They always refer to various body types, different sexualities, and orientations. Even when reviewing sex toys, Erika will point out if something isn’t for her, it might work for you.

Janelle Asselin — Rosy Press

I love how Janelle came out of her shell. Meeting her when she was still under DC (which sounds oppressive at best) made me think she was docile and reserved and a “company woman.” Then she set out on her own, called out everyone’s crap, succeeded in this industry, and has been a symbol of fortitude for the women in the business.

Holly Golighty — Broadsword Comics

Broadsword Comics—every time I interview Holly, I come away with a serenity that can’t be matched. She’s smart, positive, and embraces femininity. She avoids drama at all costs. And she’s the biggest Harry Potter fan I know.

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