Weekend Review: More Than Just Batman v. Superman

This week saw the much-anticipated release of Batman v. Superman, but that’s not all we had to talk about!

On Monday…

Captain America: Steve Rogers #3 by Stephanie Hans
Captain America: Steve Rogers #3 by Stephanie Hans

Eve Golden Woods reviews Now Our Lives Are Stranger in Adventures in Small Games and Annie Bulloch cooks up some Super Girlfriend Guacamole in Cook Your Comics. Babies are so cute a-bubuuu! WWAC shares their favourite bundles of comic joy. Kate Tanski covers Marvel news in Mighty Marvel Monday, including C2E2, Daredevil, and the disappointing “Mighty Men of Marvel month.” Ardo Omer begins the Canada Reads “in defense of” series with Lawrence Hill’s The Illegal:

“It’s a timely book with the influx of Syrian refugees around the world who have either been welcomed with open arms or in some cases, shunned for being suspected security threats. It matters because people of colour especially black americans have to deal with their citizenship scrutinized because official paper can only protect you up until a certain point. It’s cute when we talk of Canada the tolerant, but we must remember that racism can take many forms, like the shapeshifter it is, and we’ve just pushed it behind closed doors. Like the good Canadians that we are.”

On Tuesday…

Why is Claire Napier talking about Generous Bosom–because all she ever talks about is tits! Angel Cruz defends Birdie by Tracey Lindberg for Canada Reads 2016 and KM Benzer shares her vacation indie readsWhat does age appropriateness mean for children? WWAC discusses!

“Appropriateness, to me, isn’t so much about exposing kids to content or ideas that I disagree with, because with open avenues of communication that can be handled, but what the individual children are capable of coping with or responding to in a healthy way.”

On Wednesday…

Heathen #4, art and words by Natasha Alterici, Literati, 2015An early Christmas gift idea for the Fannibal in your life (or for yourself): Desiree Rodriguez interviews Aimee Fleek, co-creator of RAW, a Fanthology of Hannibal/Will. Uncertain of which side to take in the battle of the capes? Read Kat Overland’s spoiler free review of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of … whatever. Brenda Noiseaux asks if indie games are finally getting the recognition they deserve in this week’s Get Your Game On. Christa Seeley defends Saleema Nawaz’s Bone & Bread for Canada Reads 2016, Ginnis Tonnik reviews the first volume of the “feminist lesbian viking comic book” Heathen, and Wendy Browne shares lessons from her mother in the Women Who Shaped Me series celebrating International Women’s Month.

On Thursday…

Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy in CW's Riverdale.
Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy in CW’s Riverdale.

Meet the newest edition to the CW’s Riverdale cast: Josie and the Pussycats! Girl Scouts aren’t just about the cookies. Learn more about this empowering group in Melinda Pierce’s Mom ‘N’ Pop Culture. Amandla Stenberg joins the cast of #BlackLivesMatter–Angel Cruz covers the details of the YA adaptation in the Thursday Book Beat. Check out Ginnis Tonnik’s review of the final issue of Toil & Trouble:

“It’s transformative work like this, fanfiction in some ways (and no, that isn’t derogatory) that can expose students to the beauty of Shakespeare and the excitement of the comic book medium. Toil & Trouble can make Shakespeare fresh and relevant, all while shifting the focus from solely male leads to female leads.”

On Friday…

Alenka Figa explores the world of infinitely scrolling comics. Laura Harcourt invites you to level up your day by bringing a little fantasy to your reality with these six movie soundtracks and Anna Tschetter is on a mission to Mars in her Dice Vice review of Mission: Red Planet.

Infinite Scroll Feature 1. Image from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.

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