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The new year is well under way and, while it’s always important to look forward, reviewing the past can be helpful too, especially if you missed something great here at WWAC. And while you’re at it, take a walk through our archives with Melinda Pierce’s This Week in WWAC History!

On Monday…

SeraQoHThere’s bad news for diversity at Marvel, but don’t worry, Kate Tanski’s had some good news as well in Mighty Marvel Monday. Are you a gamer who loves to play in groups? Well so are some of our WWAC writers, who shared their gaming group experiences. Ginnis Tonnik reviewed the productivity promoting app, Coffitivity, Wendy Browne chatted with Jeremy Whitley about his Princeless coming to schools and libraries near you via Scholastic Book Club, and Desiree Rodriguez explored the racial medical commentary in illustrator and painter Alvin Hollingsworth’s D.D.T.

On Tuesday…

Iron Fist | Marvel ComicsKM Bezner took over the Incredible Indie Tuesday mantle to chat about indie comic goodness, with a bit of web comics and self-published comics tossed in for good measure. Meg Downey had an epiphany reading volume one of DC’s Martian Manhunter series. Draven Katayama discovers the joys of sisterhood in Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved BeforeThe casting of Finn Jones as Iron Fist means the furthering of cultural appropriation as a white man takes on a role founded in orientalism–and Desiree was not happy about it.

On Wednesday…

Funko Pop! Fan Expo Canada Exclusive Stan Lee dollBrenda Noiseux got her game on with Sherlock Holmes, Pathfinder, and women in games in her regular gaming column and also discussed diversity in the resent Nebula Award nominees. Suck all the marrow out of life–Alenka Figa discussed eating disorders and polyamory with Meat & Bone’s creator, Kat Verhoeven. Wendy revealed her obsession with the adorable Funko collectibles and reviewed issue #2 of Dragon Age: Magekiller.

On Thursday…

Ryan Reynolds and Morenna Baccarin in Deadpool | 20th Century Fox (2016)Wendy took Deadpool seriously with his cancer awareness campaign and invited readers to #TouchYourselfTonight. Angel Cruz’s Book Beat covered the sad and the exciting book industry news of the week and Andrea Horbinski reviewed Wide Awake in Slumberland. Z Akhmetova explored the whimsical artwork of Gyo Fujikawa.

On Friday…

Yo-Kai WatchChristmas shopping early for the kids? Christa Seeley and Ardo Omer reviewed the new Yo-Kai Watch toys and games. Black Canary goes on tour and there was Batman v. Superman news, rumours, and promotions spinning around the internet in Meg’s DC Daily Planet. In the first of a new series, Marissa Louise introduced us to the world of colourists. How have music videos shaped your life? Ray Sonne talked about AFI’s “The Leaving Song, Part I.”  “Why a team of magical girls who are jerks?” Ginnis asked Kel McDonald, creator of Misfits of Avalon.

There you go! Now you’re all caught up with WWAC for the week!

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