Cook Your Comics: Super Girlfriend Guacamole

Hellcat #2 cover. Kate Leth (writer), Brittany Williams (artist). Marvel Comics, 2015
Artist Brittney Williams’ cover for Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #2.

I am beyond thrilled that at this point in my life, I have more women friends than I ever have before. It’s awesome, and it makes my life better all the time. As an overly busy grownup, it’s hard to find time and energy to meet up with friends in person as often as I’d like, especially since a bunch of them live far away. Because I am myself, I often feel a strong impulse to get everyone together and make food for them, using teleportation technology if necessary. That’s why as soon as I saw this cover for the delightful Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #2, little cartoon hearts effervesced out of my person and danced around my head. (Full disclosure: this comic is written by Kate Leth, who is a wonderful friend in her own right and also founded the Valkyries, therefore becoming responsible for many of the friendships I’ve formed over the past couple of years.) (Editor’s Note from Ginnis: I am not a friend of Kate Leth and therefore can objectively agree that Hellcat is awesome and super cute!)

I want to throw that party! I know a bunch of total superheroes! I can make burgers! But of all the party foods I love to make, my favorite is a guacamole recipe that I got about 15 years ago from one of those amazing ladies who lives far away, Sarah Kelly. She gave me this recipe after she made it for a party, during which I tried it to be polite, and suddenly discovered I don’t actually hate guacamole. I just don’t like all the raw onions and mushy tomatoes they ruin it with here in Texas. Sarah is a writer-director from Southern California, which is apparently the land of excellent guac. We haven’t seen each other much because she lives 1,500 miles away, but I think of her fondly every time I make this recipe.

So here it is, the hit of many parties. I had a girlfriend with an avocado sensitivity that made her mouth itchy whenever she ate one, but she always said it was worth it to taste this recipe.

CYC guacamole avocado bowl
OF COURSE, I have a ceramic bowl shaped like an avocado!

Super Girlfriend Guacamole


3 large, ripe avocados + 1 extra avocado
1 lemon
4-6 cloves of garlic, peeled
3/4 cup chopped green onions
2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon kosher salt, or to taste
Tabasco sauce, to taste

CYC guacamole ingredients
Simple and delicious (and vegan)!


Slice 3 of the avocados open and scoop out the good stuff into a large bowl. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice from one half over the avocado in the bowl. Do it quickly because the juice helps keep the avocado from turning brown when exposed to air.

Crush the garlic gloves—using a garlic press if you have one—and add them to the avocado. Then throw in the chopped green onions and half the salt. Finally, splash on some Tabasco sauce. If you don’t want it very spicy, I still recommend using a little bit—a few drops won’t make the whole batch hot, but it adds a bit of flavor.

Mash everything together with your preferred implement. The best tool I’ve ever found for this job is this style of potato masher, which blends everything nicely, but still leaves you a pleasant, slightly chunky texture.

CYC guacamole masher
This is the best style of potato masher.

Taste your guacamole. If you’re planning to serve it with tortilla chips, use a chip to taste it with so you know how to gauge the salt level and overall flavor. Ideally, none of the flavors should overpower the avocado. However, if your avocados aren’t particularly flavorful, you may want to add another squeeze of lemon juice or a bit more salt.

You may find one of the ingredients is overpowering the others. It’s easy to do, and lemon is usually the culprit here, although maybe you got an especially potent batch of green onions or garlic. That’s what the extra avocado is for! Slice it open and start adding in chunks of the unseasoned avocado to dilute the too-strong mixture. Keep tasting it and you’ll find the right balance. If you don’t end up needing the avocado, hey: bonus avocado! Put it on toast or tacos or a salad or something!

CYC guacamole closeup
Closeup of deliciousness.

You can serve your fresh guacamole right away, but it’s extra good if you give it a few hours, or even overnight, to let the flavors combine. Put it in an airtight container in the refrigerator, then get it out at least 30-45 minutes before you’re going to serve it.

This guacamole is great with regular, restaurant-style tortilla chips, or as a topping for tacos or just about anything else. Serve it to people you like and want to see again frequently.

CYC guacamole in bowl

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