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There is a ton of awesomeness in the WWAC archives, from the aptly named Awesome Awards to the awesome memories of Leonard Nimoy shared by WWAC staffers. Join us in a look back at the end of February last year to see if your favorite games and books made the awesome list, or scroll down to read touching tributes to the legendary Mr. Nimoy.

2014 Awesome Game Award Winners, February 28, 2015,

Monument Valley art
Monument Valley art from Ken Wong

Best Game Artist: Ken Wong of Monument Valley

Wong is an Australian artist and designer. He has done a huge variety of art, and was the art director for Alice: Madness Returns. His work on Monument Valley is exquisite. The designs follow beautiful color schemes and the character is simple and elegant.

Best Game Writer: Tim Schafer, Broken Age: Act I

Schafer founded Double Fine Productions in 2000, after a career at LucasArts. His company is responsible forGrim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Brutal Legend, among others. His games are quirky and creative, with strong female characters. Most recently his game Broken Age: Act I depicted Vella Tartine, who is one of the young women offered up as a sacrifice to a giant monster terrorizing the land. She takes matters into her own hands and fights back against tradition.

Best Game Developer: Telltale Games

This year has been really big for Telltale. Previously known for a lot of great gaming gems (Bone, Sam & Max, Back to the Future), they have begun working on huge name video game tie-ins. The company is known for their episodic gaming, which has been a great fit for their new TV show and comic book games. This past year saw the end of The Wolf Among Us, Season Two of The Walking Dead, and the beginning of Game of Thrones.

Best Video Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition

It’s no surprise that the newest installation from Bioware won for Best Video Game. Not only does the developer have a cult following, but all of their games are top notch. Like its predecessors, Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a wide variety of characters to play, each with their own strong narrative. The game will pull you in with its dialogue, difficult choices, and elegant game play. READ MORE
2014 Awesome Book Award Winners, February 28, 2015,

The polls have closed for this year’s Awesome Awards and the results are in! I’m pleased to announce the following winners in the book category.

Best Debut : An Untamed State by Roxane Gay (Grove)

An Untamed State, Roxanne Gay, Grove, 2014

By the time Roxanne Gay’s debut novel hit the shelf she had already made quite a name for herself with various essays and short stories. But the story of a young woman, kidnapped off the streets of Port au Prince has officially made her a writer to be reckoned with.

Best Series: The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (Scholastic)

raven boys

The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily, Lily Blue. We are now three books into this unique, magical and mysterious series from best selling author Maggie Stiefvater. And yet we are no closer to knowing what surprises she has in store for us. But now, with only one instalment to go, we’re firmly committed to Gansey, Blue and the others as they search for the ley lines and the lost king Glendower, wherever that may take us.

Best Non Fiction: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (Harper Perennial)

bad feminist

2014 was a good year for Roxane Gay. We’ve already announced her novel, An Untamed State, as the best début of the year and now she’s scooped up the best non-fiction award as well, for her collection of essays,Bad Feminist. From Sweet Valley High, to The Help, to abortion and everything in between, Gay turns her sharp eye to our politics, our society and our culture in this must read collection. READ MORE

Memories of Leonard Nimoy, March 2, 2015,

nimoysmileLeonard Nimoy passed away on February 27 of this year. Since then, there have been many moving tributes, in newspapers and magazines, in games like Star Trek Online, and even vigils at conventions. Most importantly, his friends and loved ones have shared memories of the man, who, in the course of his long life was a performer, director, photographer, advocate, and great friend. 

Rather than another obituary, we thought we’d share some memories of the man as we saw and knew him, and how he touched our lives. READ MORE

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