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Howdy, gaming lovelies! I started off this week playing Hearts Blazing with my friends at Game by Playdate, creators of Slash. Fun times were had by all and some of game art reminds me of Fire Lord Zuko. Onto the news!


2D platformers where damsels take charge

Amazing Princess Sarah2D platformers for everyone! This week finds two different options making their way to major consoles. One Feb 3, Xbox One releases Amazing Princess Sarah, where you play a princess trying to save your father from a demon mistress. Seems like a good premise, but beware the pixelated boobies and, as WinBeta warns, “Xbox Achievements such as ‘Slap the Fatty’, ‘What a Healthy Girl!’, and ‘Let’s Have a Quickie’.” Don’t get suckered in, unless, you know, busty princesses and quickies are your thing. I’m not judging,

Want something more fun? Take a look at Crypt of the Necrodancer out on PS4. It’s hard not to smile at the award-winning rhythm game. I’ve seen this played at cons and it’s downright fun. At the very least check out the trailer. It’s definitely a quick pick-me-up to your week especially that gruff female voice saying “I’m not going to wait here like a coward any longer.”

Mad Max had a baby with Witchblade to fight Diablo?

The trailer for Bombshell invokes so many different styles, but overall the game art looks solid. The action shooter game centers around mercenary Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison’ mission to save the president. The game has been released on both Steam and GOG. It’s found mixed reviews on Steam but the $35 price point may be deterring folks to try it out. Personally, I love the look but I may have to wait a bit for a sale.

Play as Rey in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The launch trailer is out and the game is expected to be released later this year. As always, I was hoping to see more Rey, but since they were spoofing The Force Awakens trailer, I know they had limited material to work with. I do applaud that players will be able to play as Rey. It’s unclear it you’ll be able to play as General Leia, there’s an ambiguous line about playing ” the rest of your favorite characters from the movie” but I’m hopeful.  Fingers crossed until I’m proven wrong.

Hit the slopes with SNOW open beta

The free-to-play open world game, SNOW, is now availabSNOW 1le on Steam Early access. It’s hard to tell through all that winter gear if you can really play as a woman, it would be silly to think you couldn’t. (Again, until I’m proven wrong. It happens sometimes.) Although I’m not much of a winter sports fan myself, I could see myself watching streamers play. The game’s site has a well-laid out page for players to upload media and I’ve been sucked in for a least the last half hour. If you’re missing snow, like we are in New England, check it out.



That’s it for this week! Did I miss anything amazing? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Until next week, happy gaming!

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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