Get Your Game on Wednesday: If you like that, try this edition

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Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! This week, I thought we’d try something fun with a little “if you like that, check this out” action. So grab a cup of refreshment and let me know what you think.

If you like the look of Destiny, check out The Solus Project

Similar to the stunning world images in Destiny, the design in The Solus Project looks equally beautiful. In the game, you’re the only surviving person from a ship that crash landed on an alien planet. The game is headed up by a small team of developers and expected out on Steam Early Release and Xbox One Preview in February.


KnotmaniaIf you love untangling knotted chains, shoelaces or ropes, check out Knotmania

In concept, it seems like a fair way to pass time in a line, the newly released iOS game, Knotmania, is a puzzler game where players need to unravel the alien strings that are tied in complex knots to release energy. The alien stings look a bit like colorful intestines and the story plot is a little loose for my liking, but I like a knotty challenge, so I may take a peek.





Doctor Who Story CubesIf you like writing Doctor Who fan fic, check out Story Cubes – Doctor Who

I’ve been enamored with Rory’s Story Cubes for quite some time. The simple dice have images on each side; rolling them gives any writer or storyteller a jumping off point with people, locations and/or actions. Last year, they released Batman and Moomin versions; according to BoardGameGeek, the company is planning on releasing Doctor Who, Looney Toons and Scooby Doo versions this year.




Shadow PuppeteerIf you like reading about women in game dev, check out this AMA with Catharina Bøhler

The development team behind the award-winning co-op game, Shadow Puppeteer, held an AMA this week to chat about the game and what it was like being one of Nintendo’s “Nindies.” Questions included things like how is the indie space in the Nintendo market, how long was the game in development, was your art style inspired by Tim Burton and why doesn’t the boy have a mouth. The game releases on WiiU on January 28.




That’s it for this week. Remember to take time for you and try a new game or two! Until next week, happy gaming!

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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