X-Files Gift Guide for the Holidays, or Just in Celebration of the Revival

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If the 2016 X-Files revival in January isn’t enough justification for you, Ginnis and Kate have cobbled together a holiday gift guide for the X-philes in your life, including you because you are in your life, right? Okay, just get your wallet ready.

Funko Pop X-Files Collection The Smoking Man via Funko Pop
via Funko Pop

The Classic

You can’t go wrong with a classic. The comics though an obvious choice are still a classic choice. We are particularly fond of the Year Zero trade paperback.

Funko Pop pretty much owns the market on fun and affordable geek action figures. Their collection includes Mulder, Scully, an alien, and the Smoking Man who never looked so unthreatening. If you want something a little more rare, Mattel produced a Barbie and Ken X-file giftset in 1998. Thanks to Ebay and Amazon, you can still find the set at a decent price.

Another great classic: the “I Want to Believe” poster from the X-files office and this option takes the hassle of framing out of the equation for you. Or if you or someone you know would prefer something more functional, this coffee mug should do the trick. Or maybe this morning reminder of your mission? Or something a little more subtle? (Note: Ginnis looooves coffee mugs.)

IDW X-Files game via IDW
via IDW

Double the Geekery

X-files is an amalgamation of many geeks interests: scifi, B-horror, supernatural, and more. Why not geek it out even more with the following?

Get your gaming geek on with IDW’s X-Files Board Game.

Or maybe your scholastic geek would appreciate this academic look at Conspiracy Culture: From Kennedy to the X-Files. If science is more your thing, then The Real Science Behind the X-Files: Microbes, Meteorites, and Mutants is written by virologist, Anne Simon, who consulted on the series and provides the facts behind the stories in her book. You can also learn more about more into the inspiration, paranormal and political, behind the X-Files with X-Files Book of the Unexplained and The X-Files FAQ. Theatre geeks will be delighted by William B. Davis’ — the man who played the Smoking Man — memoir about X-Files and his extensive theatre background.

Alien Abduction Bookends via ThinkGeek
Alien Abduction Bookends via ThinkGeek

Something Special

These are truly some unique finds for the X-phile in your life — the true fanatic. The person who knows what Scully wrote her senior thesis on (just ask Kate) and wants something a little more unique.

Show your Scully love with this altar candle. Could there be a more perfect way to honor the skeptical, yet devoted Catholic FBI agent?

These bookends may not be explicitly X-Files, but when you use them to prop your X-files comics or DVDs up, people will take notice.

The X-phile loves a constant reminder of their geekery, and what better way to remind them than with an iPhone case?

Do you know an X-Files couple, be they platonic or not? Do you have a dear friend who loves X-Files like you do? Then this friendship ring set should do the job.

And finally, this print by Tumblebuggie should hit all the right spots for any X-phile.

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