Shinbun Saturday: Your Manga Could Be the Next Shounen Jump Plus Hit

Viz Manga publishing Naruto epilogue in 2016

Print versions will make their way into the hands of North American readers on January 5, though the epilogue volume is already available on the Viz Media website app. Set after the conclusion of Naruto, the epilogue will feature Naruto’s son, and Sasuke’s daughter takes center stage as a possible enemy pursues her.

MediBang and Shounen Jump + offer new manga writers a chance for publication

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your manga published, this contest might be your best shot. Shounen Jump‘s partnership with MediBang offers a grand prize of one million yen, publication in Jump +, and editorial feedback from the magazine. Entries from non-Japanese speakers are welcome, and will be translated into Japanese for the editors to review.

Pixiv offers doujinshi-printing options for users

PixivFACTORY will provide artists with the option to upload their work and receive quotes from several printing presses, and they can receive the finished comic within two business days. Pixiv has also taken the opportunity to furnish artists with schedules of upcoming comic events and conventions, a helpful tip for any artist trying to enter the manga industry.

Hunter x Hunter manga to return in 2016?

A new illustration by Yoshihiro Togashi in Shinjo, Yamagata has sparked curiosity regarding the artist’s possible return to his hit manga.

While this is still mostly speculation, it is also the first signs that Togashi might be recovered enough to return to his work.

Angel Cruz

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