Mighty Marvel Monday: Not Another MCU Update Post

It’s another Mighty Marvel Monday! Welcome to December! Only three more Mighty Marvel Mondays to go in 2015, so let’s get to it.

First, to pick up where we left off, there are still great articles coming out about Jessica Jones, like this article on Bitch Media about Jessica Jones and abuse. There have been a few good articles about Kilgrave as abuser, but this article analyzes how Jessica Jones not only shows the abuse, but also the cycle of abuse and what comes after.

Similarly, this Salon review praises the show for the way it deals with trauma and trauma survivors, but the review was more negative than I’m used to reading, especially towards Carrie-Anne Moss.

Another critical review, this time on The Mary Sue, is worth the read just for the bracketed edits. You know the author’s in trouble when he’s had to edit to add clarification on five out of six of his points.

One last article to share: I appreciated this article by Vulture on 20 “Firsts” that Jessica Jones has brought to the MCU, although I am calling bullshit on #19:

#19 First shitty apartment. Okay, it’s huge for a freelancing gumshoe in Hell’s Kitchen with no roommates. But it’s still got all the cracks and stains of a real crap New York apartment, which contrasts nicely with the apartments Kilgrave steals and occupies.

Since when does Matt Murdock’s apartment not count as shitty? HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE CURTAINS.


But maybe it was difficult to tell since so many of the shots we see in Matt’s apartment are at night. Is Jessica’s apartment more shitty than Matt’s? Sure, but the point is that it wasn’t the first shitty apartment we’ve seen in the MCU.

And speaking of the MCU in general terms, it’s time to catch up with the other news being released. 

Last week the Captain America: Civil War trailer was released, and this week, we’re still talking about it. (Sidenote: Please visit the WWAC Roundtables on the Civil War comics event and the Captain America: Civil War trailer for the #WWACivilWar.)

Entertainment Weekly seems to be Marvel’s preferred outlet at the moment, releasing several lengthy and meaty exclusives, including this article featuring interviews with Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans, this interview with Scarlett Johansson, and this article about Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.

And speaking of Black Panther, the rumors are abounding about Creed Director Ryan Coogler, who was rumored once before to be Marvel’s pick to direct Black Panther’s solo film. Following the success of Creed the rumors have escalated from speculation to being confirmed in talks, which is industry speak for going to be announced any day now, and I am all for this, partially because of this interview with ScreenRant, which includes this important passage on why Black Panther needs a black director:

Ryan Coogler: Yeah, I think it’s important. Perspective is so important in art. It’s an important thing. That’s not to say that you can’t work outside yourself. When I was coming up, I made movies about things that were close to me; I made movies about things that weren’t close to me. But I definitely think that it helps when you are close to a subject. Like, I was an athlete for most of my life before I was a filmmaker. And that helped to inform me when writing this script, when directing. Having had those types of experiences helped me inform this process.

[…] [I]f I was in a position where I’m making a movie about the first woman superhero that’s ever going to get released all over the world, I would do everything in my power to find a woman to direct that movie out of the simple fact that I think it will give you a cultural perspective. I don’t think that’s wrong of a studio to do. I think it’s actually responsible. It’s responsible because it’s their job to make the truest, best film.

And on that note, when Marvel still is lacking in diversity both in front of and behind the camera, it’s good to see small changes, like Stephany Folsom being added to Thor: Ragnarok, making her Marvel’s third woman screenwriter overall.

And while we’re on the topic of women in Marvel, here are two new Agent Carter Season 2 promos.


With the promos also came a brand new confirmed premiere date: January 19th, which will be my parents’ 36th wedding anniversary, and also a week later than its original release date due to Barack Obama’s final State of the Union being moved up. Thanks, Obama.


Another Vulture link–this time, Avengers: Age of Ultron as a Love Actually-style romcom. 


Genre-bending fanvids are my jam.

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