Shinbun Saturday: Online Piracy Crackdown

Two Chinese nationals arrested for uploading manga

Two Chinese men were arrested and charged with copyright violation for allegedly uploading pages from Shounen Jump. The Japanese deliveryman, Takehisa Hidaka, has also been arrested for providing the manga magazine without legal permission to three other Chinese nationals before this incident. While that charge involved the upload of the One Piece manga to piracy websites, the two Chinese men involved in this latest arrest have allegedly uploaded the newest chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins. Further investigations into other Chinese groups possibly pirating other manga are continuing.

ComiXology launches several Tezuka manga

Osamu Tezuka has had a good year in North America. Digital Manga ran a successful Kickstarter to publish some of the seminal mangaka’s backlist. Stone Bridge Press is releasing a manga-style biography next summer. Now DMP has announced the debut of several works from the prolific creator’s catalog on ComiXology. Great news for digital readers!

Former cult member creates manga based on their experience

A former cultist, using the pseudonym Nozomi Temote, recently published a manga about his experiences. It chronicles how he came to join a cult, the activities he did as a member, and his relationships with other members. Having since left the particular cult, Temote hopes the manga will serve as a cautionary tale to others who might follow in his footsteps.

Aya Nakahara manga receives live-action adaptation news

Better known in North America for her previous work Lovely Complex, Aya Nakahara’s latest manga Dame no Watashi ni Koi Shite Kudasai is receiving a live-action drama in Japan. The original Japanese comic is about a woman who beggars herself trying to keep a younger lover, only to discover he was never interested in her and was only using her for her money.

Vernieda Vergara

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