Did You Know Vincent Price Wrote a Cookbook?

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I didn’t know either, but as a foodie and a geek for kitschy horror, I could not be more jazzed. The cookbook and travelogue, A Treasury of Great Recipes, was originally released in 1965 and co-authored with his then-wife, Mary Grant Price. Now, a 50th anniversary edition of the book is being released for the pleasure of Price fans, foodies, and travel geeks alike.

Treasury Front Sleeve_© A Treasury of Great RecipesA Treasury of Great Recipes is being touted as “the first celebrity cookbook” and contains recipes based on the Prices’ worldly travels. The recipes range from haute cuisine from fancy European restaurants like “Burgundian Snails,” to more common fair like “Deviled Rib Bones.” The book has gone out of print several times, but the new print edition contains all original pages, along with a new forward from Wolfgang Punk and a retrospective from Victoria Price, the Prices’ daughter.

And hey, even if recipes aren’t your thing, the book is a fascinating look into 1960’s menus, food trends, and food history with photography by William Claxton, Eliot Elisofan, and Tosh Matsumoto, and illustrations by Fritz Kredel. Each chapter and recipe contains introductions from the Prices to entertain the Price junkies out there and expose readers to the gastronomic adventurousness of these two creatively inclined individuals—Mary Grant Price was a costume designer (she worked on Oklahoma! and the Ziegfeld Follies!).

This edition was released on September 16, just in time for the holidays and your geeky friends who may need a gift (me, me, me!).

Recently, Victoria Price set out to replicate her parents’ journey and document it via her blog Explore Savor Celebrate. I promptly started following it because it sounds like an incredible way to compare food and culture across fifty years.

You can order the book here (as well as Vincent Price wine, oh my, I am learning so much!).  You can also learn more on the book’s Facebook page.

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