Shinbun Saturday: Osamu Tezuka Biography Comes to North American Shores

Stone Bridge Press to publish Osamu Tezuka biography

Earlier this week, Stone Bridge Press announced that they would be releasing The Osamu Tezuka Story: A Life in Manga and Anime, a manga-style biography next summer. At over 900 pages long, the book covers the entirety of Tezuka’s career–including his early successes. It’s a nice way to top off the recent Kickstarters to bring more of this manga creator’s work to English-speaking audiences.

Mangaka to adapt a North American CG series

Shirow Miwa, creator of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, will be adapting Rooster Teeth’s RWBY for the December issue of seinen manga magazine, Ultra Jump. It’s not the first time there’s been creative exchange between East and West, but I find the demographic shift very interesting. Seinen traditionally targets young men and RWBY focuses on a team of young female demon hunters inspired by fairy tales and folklore. It’s a very girl-power series.

Tokyo Ghoul gets theme park attractions

Just in time for Halloween, Tokyo Ghoul  will be getting themed attractions at Japanese amusement park, Joypolis. The most notable addition is an escape game. Fans of the series will know that could go in multiple, terrifying directions.

Vernieda Vergara

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