Shinbun Saturday: New Film Adaptations, New Licenses, New Chapters!

NYCC manga industry round-up

New York Comic Con took place last weekend and the manga industry played a pretty big role! While I’m sure a lot of this had to do with Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto) being a guest, that was still great to see. The biggest news to come out of NYCC is probably the announcement that Kodansha will be publishing an original Attack on Titan anthology featuring Western comic creators, which they’d been previously teasing earlier in the week. Other Kodansha announcements include the licensing of yet another Attack on Titan spin-off and the launch of their digital-only manga line.

Not to be outdone, VIZ Media made several manga licensing announcements including shoujo fantasy Yona of the Dawn and two sports series, Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu!! Yen Press also announced several new licenses and reminded attendees that Black Butler will start simultaneous publication with the Japanese release, which they originally announced at Anime Expo.

But perhaps most interesting of all is news that Vertical will be releasing audio light novels! I wonder which titles will be receiving the audio treatment?

Manga sales are up!

Also at NYCC, ICv2 presented a white paper on the state of the comics industry. While it covered all areas, the manga figures were promising. Manga sales grew for the second year in a row and were up 13% in 2015. Thank you, Attack on Titan.

New installment of Vampire Knight

Just when you thought the ship wars were over, Vampire Knight will be getting a new chapter in December. Based on the teaser, it’s about Kaname, one of the the protagonist’s suitors. Hmm….

Two manga series get film adaptations

Speaking of Black Butler, the manga will be getting a film adaptation. Black Butler is about a young noble agent of Queen Victoria and his demon butler. The manga, A Silent Voice, will also be getting a film adaptation by Kyoto Animation. Known as the anime studio behind Free! and several moe-themed series, I bet they’ll do a great job adapting this emotional manga.

A long-running manga gets the Hollywood treatment

After being in development for years, James Cameron is currently in talks with Robert Rodriguez to direct Battle Angel, based on the manga of the same name. Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its great live action film adaptations of manga, so fans are a little leery. Battle Angel was the very first I ever read, so I understand how they feel. At least it’ll have good special effects?

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