Kickstarter of the Week: Eyecatcher the Smart Bracelet

“The Smart, Large-Display, Super-Charged Wearable” is how Eyecatcher is taglined. This smart bracelet is not only a fashion accessory, but also a practical item that allows users to design and select images to customize the display as well as act as a smart watch, complete with notifications.

Eyecatcher is offered in three different styles, and three different sizes for men and women:

  • Mars: a flexible stainless steel band for men
  • Mercury: a thin white bronze bracelet for women
  • Venus: a solid sterling silver bracelet for women


What sets this apart from other wearable technology? The large 5” display on the Eyecatcher is always on, displaying the user’s selected images. It’s also water resistant and capable of real-time notifications, but possibly the best part of this bracelet is that Eyecatcher boasts a battery lifespan of one year on one charge. This remarkable product has also caught the eye (heh.) of cnet, who says “this is a very different animal” than the Apple Watch. Not only is the Eyecatcher priced very competitively, the Apple Watch (with an approximate 18 hour battery life) can’t even come close to the Eyecatcher’s. That being said, the bracelet’s display screen is not activated by touch or swipe. It’s solely a display screen that is controlled by the app on your phone, although it does have 8mb of built-in memory to store up to 12 images.

Post-campaign, the bracelets will retail for $400 for the Mars & Mercury style, and $700 for the Venus one. However, you can get one now by being a backer and saving 40% off the future regular price. The higher reward levels offer a bit of a deeper discount on the bracelet price.

With 40 days left to go, the Kickstarter has already surpassed its goal by 25k (and counting). At a starting base of $214, various reward levels have all been claimed but there are some left at the $239 and up level. The Eyecatcher is scheduled to ship to backers in February 2016, with online sales going live March 2016. So if you love innovative wearable technology (and trying out new tech before others!), this is one kickstarter you’ll definitely want to check out.



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