Incredible Indie Tuesday: Marjorie Liu Should Win All the Awards

Monster Issue 1 cover, writer Marjorie Liu, artist Sana Takeda, Image Comics 2015 Writer of the upcoming Monster and one of my favorite people in comics, Marjorie Liu gave a must-read interview talking about the personal inspirations behind her upcoming work, being an Asian American creator in comics, and why all the focus on ‘strong female character’ is totally misplaced.  Her Image series Monster with artist Sana Takeda is a fantasy epic dealing as much with the impact of war as badass steampunk kaiju monsters, so you should DEFINITELY BUY IT when it hits the stands next week.

Another comic that will be dealing with war…Frank Miller announced a new Sin City book set against the backdrop of WWII.  Somehow I doubt we’ll get the nuance and emotional depth of how war impacts individuals as well as societies, but nobody’s ever read Sin City for its subtleties or realistic characterizations.  No release date on this one yet, but Miller is working with his longtime collaborator Klaus Janson who’ll be doing the iconic ink work on the series.

We(l)come Back Issue 2 cover, writer Christopher Sebela, artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer Boom! Studios 2015In industry news, Boom! Studios announced it is cutting back on the number of titles it’ll publish in 2016.  This is at a time when most other publishers are expanding how many titles it has on the stands in an attempt to grab a bigger market share.  Looking at you, Marvel, who is publishing a damn Karnak series of all things.  The cuts will be focused on trimming the Archaia (fantasy comics focused on lovely production values) and Studios (adult oriented books, tending toward the sci-fi) lines, whereas the kids imprint kaBoom will likely emerge mostly unscathed.  Interestingly enough, this news came out just before the announcement that Christopher Sebela and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer’s We(l)come Back will expand from a four-issue miniseries into an open-ended ongoing series with the publisher.

JThe Story of My Tits, Jennifer Hayden, Top Shelf Comics 2015ennifer Hayden already has the best titled book of 2015 with her graphic novel, The Story of My Tits, and she spoke with CBR about telling her first longform autobiographical story.  Hayden set out to create it when diagnosed with breast cancer, but the book charts not only her illness but also her adolescence as a teen girl with small boobs and, well, her life and ever-changing relationship with her breasts.  Inspired by Hayden, WWAC did a roundtable on boobs and the having of them, which you should totally check out.


Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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