This Week in WWAC History: Wigs and a Guide to Variant Covers


Welcome to the weekend! This week’s WWAC History highlights a variety of articles with a creator interview, product review, the beginning of the Twin Peaks logs, and a guide to comic variant covers.

On September 11, 2013, Leslie interviewed creator Joan Reilly,

Big Feminist But Cover SmallerJoan Reilly is a fantastically talented artist and half of the amazing team that put together an anthology discussing feminism in, and through, comics. The Big Feminist BUT: Comics About Women, Men and the IFs, ANDs & BUTs of Feminism came out July 8th and is available online. Her work has appeared in Studs Terkel’s Working: A Graphic Adaptation and I Saw You: Comics Inspired by Real-Life Missed Connections.

About herself she says:

“I was always fascinated by the cartoons and illustrations in my Dad’s New Yorker magazines, even back before I could read–there was something about the drawn representation of mundane, everyday life that was incredibly appealing to me. And when I discovered my older brother’s copies of 70s-era Mad magazine in the basement, I obsessed over all the comic strips and tiny margin cartoons in those. Then in high school a friend introduced me to Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, and I absolutely loved it, and knew that I wanted to do something like it. But I actually went on to study writing in college, and got a degree in language and literature, then worked in book and magazine publishing for 5 or so years before switching to freelance illustration and comics–I never studied art or comics in any formal way. READ MORE
Jamie put Arda Wigs to the test in this product review, September 5, 2014,
Photo by True Blue Spark & Mech Turtle
True Blue Spark (L) as Steven Universe and our own Jamie Kingston cosplaying as Garnet.

I mentioned way back in Cosplaying While Black: The Expense of Representing that I tend to cosplay only characters of color, to show that I appreciate creators making characters of my race, but that I was having a hard time doing so because my everyday hair is 4′ long dreadlocks, and it is no easy task to find a costume that will work with them.

I met the Arda Wigs team a couple years ago, at Dragon Con 2012. They told me then that their wig would fit over my hair. I was doubtful and said so, but they said anytime I was ready to give them a try, I should contact them. I did that in February, and after a little back and forth with the staff, Arda Wigs sent me a wig to review, with helpful suggestions and links to YouTube videos they thought might help. READ MORE



Twin Peaks Log – The Beginning, September 8, 2014. Make sure to follow the series navigation at the bottom to read all of the logs, 

Twin Peaks, Special Agent Dale Cooper, Kyle McLachlan, Banner, Twin Peaks, Mark Frost, David Lynch, CBS, 1990Say hello to your new excuse to drink a damn fine cup of coffee: The Log Ladies of WWAC will be running a biweekly roundtable of Twin Peaks. That’s right. Every. Single. Episode.

Some of us know the show by heart, some of us are rewatching it years after our first viewing, and some are seeing it for the first time. Everyone is sure to bring a unique perspective, because, really, can anyone watch a show as surreal as Twin Peaks and have the same experience as anyone else?

Will there be extra features for this sixty week long crusade? Of course there will! There could be the occasional owly craft, cherry pie recipe, and log cozy knitting pattern. There could even be factoids to add to your trivia knowledge. READ MORE

And lastly, a Brief Guide to Variant Covers from Megan Byrd, September 11, 2014,

So you’re browsing Twitter or your favorite artist’s Tumblr, and suddenly you come across cover artwork that is breathtaking. But somehow, three months later, this comic is no where to be seen on the shelf. Did it sell out before you got to your local comic shop? Did your store get a sub-standard cover while the rest of the world is enjoying that wall-worthy artwork? These are unlikely explanations; those covers were just limited edition, and you’re out of luck. Try eBay?

Batgirl #36 LEGO variant cover

Variant cover artwork has grabbed a lot of headlines lately, but many readers might not be familiar with the popular practice. Variants are often produced in limited quantity by publishers, and many cannot be ordered by comic shops without meeting a minimum order. Ordering all (or any) variants is a difficult task even for large retailers. Many comic shops that order variants may also take advantage of their rarity by selling them for more than cover price, even going so far as to bypass the shelf altogether and put them in their online stores first. This is a controversial practice, but it is no different than a speculator buying them for cover price then selling them online for more based on demand. It’s every retailer’s right to decide how to sell “retailer incentive” covers (as variants are also called), and not ordering them at all is also an option. READ MORE

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