This Week in WWAC History: Spider-manga and Judge Dredd

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SpiderCriminalWelcome to another installment of WWAC History. Did you know there was Spider-manga? I didn’t, but I’m glad Claire took the time to share a top 10 with us called, Top 10 WTF, Spider-Manga, September 25, 2013,

That’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here for the Spider-Man manga, released eight years previously and with a wildly different subject matter. This Spider-Man was Komori Yuu (neither Japanese Spider-Man was Peter Parker, nor even alliterative – the toku version was called Yamashiro Takuya) and he shared all of the old Parker luck. He outdid PP on guilt, and he had none of the moral optimism that Uncle Ben shared so redemptively with his nephew. READ MORE

Judge CalMore interested in Judge Dredd than Spider-Man? Read Kelly’s article We Are The Law, September 30, 2013,

My road to comics fandom has been a surprisingly short but busy one. Granted, I started readingBatman/Detective as a child, but only started reading Hawkeye and Young Avengers after the Marvel NOW! launch. Similarly, I took a chance on the comical grotesquery of Chew in 2011 mostly because I felt guilty about not reading the adventures of a fellow Asian-American.

And I only started reading Judge Dredd last year because my Scottish friends kept talking about it on Facebook. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into it at all if I hadn’t moved to the UK – which would have been unfortunate, because as it turns out, I love Judge Dredd. READ MORE

We can’t get enough talk about cosplay here on WWAC, and jut in time for Halloween, check out Claire’s article from the Race, Gender and Comics series called Which Comic are You Wearing, October 3, 2013,

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Cosplay is great, but sometimes it’s intimidating. Where will I wear it? How will I make it? Can I afford it, for just one con/just for one Halloween? Will the character suit me? Will people be nasty jerks about my choices? And so on! It’s hard to be a fan.

There are ways to cut through these anxieties, though, and Lin and Bria of WhiteHotRoom are sartorial sorcerers well practiced at several. I’ve wanted to share WHR’s What Are You Wearing? feature with our readers here (that’s you) for a while–street-level cosplay right out of the wardrobe. Interpreting a character through fashion, rather than recreating a pre-designed superhero costume. Taking matters of ~authenticity definitively out of the equation in favour of creativity, remixing and personal style. How can you get the character to talk through your styling choices? For me this is some of the purest fun I can have with the clothes-comics overlap, and from their successes I reckon Lin and Bria like it pretty well too. READ MORE

The Maze Runner movie posterThinking about watching The Scorch Trials this weekend, but you need a refresher on what happened in The Maze Runner? Or maybe you still aren’t sure about seeing either. On September, 22, 2014, Angel gave us her review of The Maze Runner,

For a story that relies heavily on the unknown, The Maze Runner is built solidly on familiar and easily recognizable tropes. But while those tropes are engaging during the course of the movie, neither the characters nor the plot hold up to further scrutiny. I watched it without having read the series, and I left the theater not particularly interested in following the story beyond what I had seen. READ MORE

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