Incredible Indie Tuesday: Tiny Cute Robots & More Ennis War Stories

Little Robot Cover, Ben Hatke, 2015Cartoonist Ben Hatke Talks Upcoming Kids Comic Little Robot

This absolutely adorable looking book is all about a girl and robot being BFFs, which is a plot hook that I’m immediately on board for.  Creator of Zita the Spacegirl, Hatke is an expert at fun comics for kids, and this mostly silent story aimed at younger readers full of rich colors and simple lines seems like great fun.  


Template Binary Code Cover 1, writer Quinton Miles, artist Andrez QuezadaComixology Submit Success Story Coming Back For Second Season

The biggest digital platform for independent books, Comixology Submit, can be a bit of a mixed bag.  With so many titles of every length and genre, not to mention varying quality, it can be hard for hit books to break away from the pack.  Template, by Quinton Miles and Andrez Quezada, quickly distinguished itself among Comixology Submit books with its smart use of Guided Native View technology and smart sci-fi thriller story.  After a successful ten issue run, now Template: Binary, the second season continuing the story, has hit the digital marketplace.  


Johnny Red Cover 1, writer Garth Ennis, artist Keith Burns, Titan Comics 2015Titan Comics Reviving WWII War Story With Garth Ennis, Keith Burns

Garth Ennis’ best work in the past few years has been in war comics, and now he and artist Keith Burns are bringing new life to an obscure British comic property.  Johnny Red originated in Battle Picture Weekly and follows a British pilot fighting Nazis amid the Battle of Stalingrad.  The story seems prime for the murky morality and wartime brutality that Ennis does so well, and it’s great to see Titan Comics delving into British comics’ past.  


Axcend Cover 2, creators Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki, colorist Orry Hollowell, Image 2015Creators on Upcoming Image Book Axcend, Going Creator-Owned

This is a fascinating interview from Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki, not only about their upcoming book from Image, but also on why Davis left DC to pursue his own work.  It’s always so interesting to see creators speak frankly about the downsides of working for the Big Two.  Their upcoming book Axcend, following a group of young gamers whose beta-testing a new technology with unexpected consequences, looks pretty cool……..though I’ve gotta admit that misspelled title makes me cringe.  

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

Catie is a lawyer by day, comics fan by night (and during the lunch hour). Unsurprisingly, her idol is She-Hulk and can only wish that she could work a purple suit in the courtroom like Shulkie can. She's also into Stephanie Brown, because she has apparently an affinity for characters in purple.