This Week in WWAC History: Top 10 Comic Book Movies, Wrestling Anime, Pouches, and How Art Communicates

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Summer is not quite over for everyone, and if you still have some movie binging to fit in your schedule don’t miss Claire’s list of Top 10 Comic Book Movie adaptations, August 16, 2013,

rp_johnny-blaze-nicolas-cage-in-sony-pictures-ghost-rider-2007-5.jpg“Comic book” movies are superhumanly sustaining their moment in the sun, with plenty more to come. But as previously discussed, comics have been adapted for the silver screen since 1898! I haven’t watched anywhere near most of them, but I’ve seen plenty, and here’s.. my top ten. READ MORE

rp_dc_women_by_felipemashead.jpgStill a great read — Megan interviews Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass, August 17, 2012,

Does this blogger really need an introduction? For the uninitiated, Sue blogs about women in superhero comics at the incredibly popular DC Women Kicking Ass on Tumblr. She also maintains Superheroes Are For Girls and This: Moments for Women, and co-hosts the CBR podcast 3 Chicks Review Comics. She’s a loud and never-tiring voice for feminism in the cape comics blogosphere. We talked about licensing, marketing, movies and more. READ MORE

DSCF8422Pouches. Need I say more? August 7, 2014,

There I am on the side of a cliff, feeling pretty good. What possessed me to get up there? Pouches.

See that belt around my waist? That’s got a pouch on. In fact it’s got two. Sometimes there are more, but that depends on where I’m going, and what for. Pouches are as versatile as your needs. READ MORE

Claire's WWE Art: Space Adventure Dolpha, Dolph Ziggler, WWE, 2014, Buichi TerasawaAnd if an articles on pouches doesn’t get you smiling, the Sunday Art Gala of What if Wrestling was Actually Anime should put a goofy grin on your face, August 10, 2014,

Usually our art galas are glorious examples of high-quality sketching — this week we’re having troubles in that department, so you’ll have to hold onto your hats until next week. Instead, I’m bringing you some examples of mixed-media.

You remember we did archery, and began a little look at CHIKARA? When it comes to nerdsports, WWWF-WWF-WWE-TheWW isn’t too far down the beaten track. So I guess I’ll go there. READ MORE

ceci n'est pas une pipeAnd last, but certainly not least, Claire brings us Multifarious: The Sound of Weeping — How Visual Art Communicates, August 9, 2014,

Art is often thought about in very different terms to other sorts of communication, which is a loss. For example, even in comics criticism, people (us, others) often forget to directly mention the images which make up the telling of the story. The art will have had an impact on the atmosphere and the character interactions, etc, and we’ll mention what we understand about the scene but forget to actively notice that the art is doing this, actually doing this, with line weight, shadow, colour, composition, etc — in more ways than just “the man points at the shark, telling us that he is pointing it out to the passengers.” READ MORE

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