This Week in WWAC History: Thank you, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Home Sewing is Easy by Sally Sititch

Happy Weekend! Does stormy weather have you searching for something to keep your idle hands busy? We’ve got two great crafting articles to get you into creative mode.

Song lyrics and cross-stitching fun provided by Adrienne, August 25, 2014,

Thank you Sir Mix-A-Lot
Thank you Sir Mix-A-Lot

After successful completion of my very first task, I decided lyrics were a great second task. As our favourite space-viking would say, “Another!” I had come across some pictures of other original ideas and found one that I thought was perfect for my friend, lyrics from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back. I entered the lyrics into the generator and kept a picture of the original for reference, mostly because it had an adorable anaconda at the bottom that I wanted to copy. I chose my colours and off I went. I used the same paper as the first project because I had some to spare and I hate being wasteful. No one likes a wasteful geek. READ MORE

Or you can check out her Star Trek inspired cross-stitch on September 2, 2014,

doctor1-300x225Etsy is a cross-stitcher’s best friend, if you don’t mind paying a few dollars here or there for patterns. I decided to move on to an actual pattern as designed by someone else with all the details laid out, maybe I would get my spacing right (spoiler alert: I didn’t). Searching the multitude of patterns on Etsy, I settled on a Star Trek themed one for my good friend. Specifically, I knew that she loved Bones, so this pattern was beyond perfect. I went to my local Michaels to pick up the colours I didn’t have and bought some 14 ct aida cloth to replace the horrible paper. After putting together a 4-piece rectangular wooden frame, I was ready to start. READ MORE

Be sure to use the Series Navigation at the bottom of both Crafting Geeky articles to see more of Adrienne’s cross-stitching masterpieces.

Next up, Annie tries Becky Cloonan’s recipe for Friendship Bread, August 26, 2014,

zucchini-bread-comic-becky-cloonan-tumblr-2014I get excited anytime I see a recipe in a comic book, because then I get to take “cook your comics” semi-literally. Comic creator Becky Cloonan (Wolves, American Virgin, Conan the Barbarian) recently cartooned her experience with making this bread and giving it to friends (which is why it’s friendship bread!) after a bumper crop of zucchini came ripe in her garden. She posted the comic strip on her Tumblr, so I decided to test it out for your benefit. And for the benefit of the people with whom I’m going to share this bread. READ MORE 

And lastly, if crafting and baking aren’t your thing, try some planning. Here’s Ivy Noelle’s advice for planning a comic con at your local library, September 3rd, 2014,

Insta-Con BannerSo, you would like to put on your own convention. A word of advice: don’t. Don’t do it! Just do not. Do you like sleeping? Do you enjoy having time to relax? Do you value the fact that you don’t spend every moment of the day consumed by teeth-grinding worry about the work you have created for yourself that you believe will ultimately be your tomb?

Yeah? That’s what I thought. Don’t do it.

You really want to? You want to bring nerdery to your greater community? Fine. Let us consult the cautionary tale of Ivy Noelle Weir, a public library, and Insta-Con 2014. READ MORE


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