This Week in WWAC History: Lumberjanes, Geeky Patches, Kate Leth, Sharknado 2

Noelle Stevenson, Boom! Studios, 2014, Lumberjanes #4

In our continued efforts to bring you articles you didn’t know you were missing, welcome to this week’s WWAC History:

rp_katelethphoto.jpgAre you an awesome lady working in a comic book store this summer? You may want to check out the online group, Beware the Valkyries. Here’s Megan Byrds’ interview with founder, Kate Leth, August 5, 2013,

Between creating comics and working a regular gig as an employee of the Strange Adventures comic shop, Kate Leth has been quietly recruiting. A few tweets here, a Facebook post there; nothing that would raise any eyebrows. Just a simple request asking other women working in comic shops to contact her about joining an online group. So what are Kate’s plans for this exclusive gathering? It may be a while until we find out what these joined forces of female retailers can do, but Kate tells us a little about what to expect. READ MORE

dinner-in-foil-doneCook Your Comics: Lumberjanes, July 24, 2014, Annie brings us yummy Dinner in a Foil:

In April 1986, I was nine years old. I lived in San Angelo, out in West Texas. I was a  member of a Camp Fire Boys and Girls troop, which is an inclusive scouting organization for both boys and girls. One Friday, my Camp Fire troop trekked out to a campground in the wilderness to meet other troops from all over the region for a one-night jamboree. We set up our tents, went canoeing, and when it started to get dark, we gathered by the campfire where the chaperones had dinner waiting. Each of us got a foil packet containing ground beef, potatoes, and carrots that had been roasted on the hot coals of the campfire while we canoed. It was glorious. READ MORE

patchDIY6Don’t miss this fantastic DIY on Geeky Patches from LB, July 26, 2014,

Need a break from the endless announcements, exclusives and all around overwhelming onslaught that is SDCC in your every feed? Perhaps it’s time for to try a geeky DIY activity. One of my favorite extracurriculars these days is expressing my altgeek self by customizing vests, and I wanted to share this DIY I taught myself in the process with all of you! Let your own geek flag fly by making your own patch. Make a patch for a vest. Or make a patch to sew on to your backpack. Or use it to cover an unseemly, expanding rip in your favorite pair of pants. Whatever you choose to do with it, I won’t judge. READ MORE

sharknado 2, syfy, not caught up on the wildly popular Sharknado series? Decide if Sharknado 2: The Second One is worth the view with Wendy’s review, August 4, 2014,

Up until last year, The Boneyard topped my list of movies that are so bad that they are awesome. What could possibly be better than a horror movie featuring Phyllis Diller and an eight foot tall zombie poodle?

Why, a tornado full of sharks, of course. READ MORE


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