This Week in WWAC History: Conventional Parenting, Monster of the Week, Teenage Douchebag, and American Fan in England

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Welcome to the weekend!

Planning on taking those kiddos to any remaining cons this summer? Wendy’s article on Conventional Parenting, August 5, 2014, is a must read:

FanExpo 2012
FanExpo 2012

Planning on taking a wee one along to a convention? As with any outing involving children, good planning is required to ensure fun is had by all involved. We’ve been taking our daughters, aged six and eight, to Toronto’s FanExpo since our eldest was two months shy of bursting from my womb, and we’ve learned a few things along the way: READ MORE


Monster of the Week Michael Sands Daniel Gorringe 2012Great for game night, check out Sarah’s article Things To Play: Monster of the Week, August 4, 2014,:

Monster of the Week is a tabletop role-playing game that allows you to play as a character like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Hellboy, hunting down monsters and saving innocents. Unlike Dungeons & Dragons and some other RPGs, Monster of the Week can take place in current times, so you can use modern technology like cellphones and rocket launchers alongside magic in the hunt for these creatures. READ MORE

Megan has a must read essay, I Was a Teenage Douchebag, August 9, 2013,

I worked in a record store for awhile, until I got fired for being a dick. “Being a dick” wasn’t on my termination papers. The official reason was maybe as ridiculous, though. Officially, I didn’t fit in. In fact, I didn’t fit in so hard, that my presence could no longer be borne. Goodbye Megan, hope to never see you! READ MORE

thatcher1-delano-ridgewayAnd Kelly relayed her experiences in the article An American Fan in England, August 7, 2013,

Almost six years ago, I packed up my life in tropical Hawaii to get my MA in England and try to start over on the other side of the world. I now live in a small city in the east of England about 115 miles northeast of London, where the tea is good and the weather is less so.

The last several years have been full of adjustments to the finer points of English culture, such as the sanctity of standing in line for everything, extreme self-consciousness with regard to public dancing, and the perception of comics. READ MORE

Happy reading!

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