The Thursday Book Beat: Gondor Calls for Aid to Bring Minas Tirith Forth from Middle-earth

Amazon takes a hit from New York Times piece on its employees’ work conditions

Is anyone really that surprised? The multimillion-dollar corporation has made a name for itself through tough negotiations with publishers, all in the name of “customer service.” Journalists at the Times spoke with former and current white-collar employees, many of whom described a work environment where getting ahead means pushing coworkers aside and stressful job insecurity. Whether or not the Times piece will have any positive effect on the company’s policies and culture has yet to be seen.

Asian kid lit roundtable brings new perspectives to the diversity discussion

There’re just not enough Asian characters in middle-grade and young adult fiction–trust me, I’m watching for them. Zetta Elliot brings together several Asian-American writers to talk about that dearth, and what writing Asian characters and settings has meant for them. Parts 1 and 2 are must-reads for anyone in the book community who wants to work towards the diversity we still sorely need in children’s literature.

Minas Tirith will rise again, with fans’ help

A group of British architects want to build the iconic city of Tolkein’s men, and they’re crowdsourcing the funds from fans who are just as eager to see Minas Tirith in real life. Should the project succeed in raising the $3 billion budgeted thus far, Minas Tirith will be an actual city that one could live, work, and play in (Nazgûl not included).

Scientists invent book that puts kids to sleep in minutes

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep asks parents to read the rabbit’s adventures to their child in a slow voice, yawning often, and emphasizing specific words in an effort to nudge the child to sleep. Parents claim it’s working, and author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin is currently at work on a companion book for toilet training.

Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about his literary favorites and what’s inspired him as a reader

President Obama shares his summer 2015 reading list

Showtime acquires development rights for Mat Johnson’s Loving Day 

Macmillan to launch anti-hunger campaign with Crenshaw author Katherine Applegate

16-hour live reading of The Iliad delights classics fans

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