Shinbun Saturday: Science Fiction Manga Beginnings and Endings

Naruto writer to possibly delve into science-fiction for next project

Masahi Kishimoto discussed his post-Naruto career with a Japanese magazine, briefly mentioning his tentative plans to work on a science-fiction themed manga. While nothing is completely set in stone–

It hasn’t all been worked out, and I haven’t showed my editor yet, but I’ve already designed the characters.

Kishimoto does describe his protagonist as someone “you’ve seen before,” which is likely to intrigue long-time fans of the classic series.

Content warning: domestic violence

Manga writer arrested for allegations of domestic violence

Tow Ubukata, known for his work on Ghost in the Shell Arise, was taken into custody after his wife reported being struck on the face when the couple was in Ubukata’s Tokyo office. Police in Chiba Prefecture had also been called in a few days before, due to a similar report from Ubukata’s wife.

Sci-fi manga Knights of Sidonia to end in September

Sidonia was launched in Monthly Afternoon in 2009, and has been released in 14 volumes thus far from Kodansha. North American fans have been able to both read the manga, published by Vertical, and watch the two anime seasons on Netflix.

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