Polyvore Challenge: Let’s Play Dress-up with Emma Frost

As Claire recently pointed out in this piece, Emma Frost’s wardrobe is in serious need of an update. Clearly, the White Queen still rocks white like few others, but the lingerie and lingerie-influenced outfits of her Hellfire days are long past her. She’s on the side of good now and a dedicated teacher of new mutants. Claire, Melinda, Al, Catie, and Ginnis decided to get their Polyvore on with some wardrobe updates for this infamous, “sexy” mutant.

Claire gave Emma two outfits in a day to evening look with pops of color to show that Emma is “devoted to white, but not to a weird degree.”

Emma Frost day to evening


 Claire also created an “unsexy” look for Emma.
Gross Ugly Unsexy Emma Frost


Melinda says “Emma Frost will wear white whenever she feels like it. Or doesn’t feel like it. And flats. Always flats.”

White after Labor Day


Al decided to butch Emma up to create an “Emma for the rest of us.”

Butch Emma Frost


Catie was inspired by Janelle Monae’s iconic style: “I think that if Emma Frost were looking for someone to emulate style-wise, Janelle Monae seems like the perfect choice. Janelle Monae has a really narrow style profile, mostly wearing just black and white and tends toward mens’ style-inspired looks that aren’t revealing. But she still consistently finds way to innovate and change up her look in a way that’s interesting and beautiful but still HER. I think Emma could work well the same way: do a lot of white in varying styles and textures put together in interesting combinations with pops of color restricted to accessories or lots of diamonds. But Emma Frost, being herself of course, probably would feature more skin even when trying to work the suit look.”

Emma Frost: Janelle Monae Style Inspiration


Ginnis was inspired by Claire’s idea for a day-to-evening look and Alexander McQueen: “I have a feeling Emma would really dig Alexander McQueen. I saw this awesome McQueen skater dress and did a day/evening look based off this dress. During the day, Emma dresses down with a 60s style bob, McQueen sneakers, a stunning red McQueen purse, and a rather threatening spiked ring also by McQueen. In the evening, Emma hints at some of her former Hellfire Club aesthetic with these thigh-high boots (again by McQueen), spiked diamond studded earrings, a skull McQueen clutch, and a Brigitte Bardot inspired updo.”

Emma Frost Does Alexander McQueen


Wendy, who is a big fan of Emma Frost, wants to see more of the sexy business woman at centre stage, similar to Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson in Suits. She wants to see a day in the life of Frost Industries as Emma oversees the empire over which she currently reigns as queen. She’ll stick with a lot of white as a reminder of who she was and who you should still fear, as she elegantly lords over her palace in pencil skirts and stiletto heels. The corsets? Oh they will still appear from time to time, but there will be a bit more subtlety to Emma’s business sexy.

Emma Frost Business is Pleasure


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