Mighty Marvel Monday: D23 and More!

It’s Mighty Marvel Monday!

It figures that right after I catch up with what’s going on with Marvel movies and TV, D23 happens, and there is more awesome to share. For those who are unaware, as I was up until about a month ago, D23 is Disney’s personal con, and this year it ran from Friday through Sunday, with most of the Marvel stuff happening on Saturday.

Sidenote: We applied as press for D23, but had our application rejected. Actual footage of me when I got the rejection email:


So, here we are.

The big news was, of course, the Marvel presentation with Kevin Feige, with special guests Benedict Cumberbatch (via pre-recorded video), Anthony Mackie, and Chris Evans—who should always go everywhere together, because their rapport is hilarious. I cannot get over how adorable Chris Evans is talking about watching other people’s Disneyland home videos. I sincerely hope it’s true, because it gives me joy to think about Chris Evans getting joy, vicariously, through other people’s home movies. Precious meatball.

Unfortunately, since I wasn’t there, I can’t tell you what the footage is like; it’ll be released eventually. Also, I advise you not to go to YouTube and search for “Captain America Civil War Trailer.” It just leads to bitter disappointment.

And now for something completely different

It’s been a few weeks (okay, maybe more like a month…) since I’ve mentioned the Marvel Comics half of Marvel, but this is mostly because I’m pretty much just hiding my head in the sand until the Secret Wars event is over, barring a few exceptions.

One exception comes out this week:

Secret Wars: Secret Love is an anthology of five stories I promo’d back in April and it’s finally here, and the previews give me high hopes that it will live up to my schmoopy, fluffy expectations. These are the kinds of stories I love to read, and I support them 150% not because it’s canon and not fanfic, but because they’re stories in which I am the key demographic. It’s literally made for me. Many websites have the preview up, but I like this one from ComicVine because I don’t have to click into another window to see it (why would you?)

David Nakayama’s cover is fantastic, with a neo-pulp comics style complete with Ben-Day dots. In fact, most of the stories look awesome, visually, although I have to admit the stories I’m looking forward to the most are “Squirrel Girl Wins a Date With Thor” by Marguerite Bennett (w) and Kris Anka (a), and “Misty and Danny Forever” by Jeremy Whitley (w) and Gurihiru (a).

The “Win A Date With…” trope is one of my favorites, so I’m expecting amazing things, but honestly, it was this panel on the preview that sold me. It’s like a Where’s Waldo of fandom’s favorite couples.


Yeah I gotta have that. (Do you see the Amerikate? DO YOU??)

Also, Jeremy Whitley, author of Princeless, made this adorable tumblr post praising his artist’s handling of Misty’s hair in the story, and showed off three separate hairstyles, including an adorable frame of Danny helping Misty put her hair up in bantu knots. Beyond just how adorable this is (domesticity is totally my kryptonite), it’s also happy-making in terms of representation. It’s a fluffy comics counterpart to when Annalise Keating took off her wig. Yeah, yeah, stories about heroes saving the world is really cool, but this? This is what gives me life. This is worth the $4.99 cover price.

The other amazing comic book news that came out this week was the announcement of a new series called Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, which features this adorable artwork by Natacha Bustos:

Moon_Girl_&_Devil_Dinosaur_1_Cover Moon_Girl_&_Devil_Dinosaur_Bustos_Design_Sketches

I haven’t cared this much about a girl and her dinosaur since my Runaways days with Gertie (Arsenic) and Old Lace. Is it November yet?


D23 has given us many, many gif-able moments, but this one with Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans just might be my favorite. Gifset credit to tumblr user nicolebxharie:

This might beat out the time that Mark Ruffalo was starstruck by Paul Rudd on the SDCC red carpet in terms of pure adorableness. I love you, Anthony Mackie.

Also, “wicked blue?” Chris, you meatball.

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