I’m Loving: Phil Hester and John McCrea’s Mythic

Mythic, Image Comics May 2015, Phil Hester and John McCrea

mythic cover, image may 2015, phil hester, john mccreaWhile I am primarily a Marvel reader, every now and then a non-Marvel comic will catch my eye and interest. Right now, that comic is Mythic, a new series by author Phil Hester and artist John McCrea and published by Image. Just three issues in, Hester has set up a wildly imaginative world, full of various mythologies and sassy characters.

The series’ catchphrase is “When magic gets messy, we clean it up.” Essentially, as explained by Oracle Cass in issue one, “Science is an illusion, a balm for humanity’s bone-deep ignorance … But magic makes the world go round.” The lore and mythology found in Mythic ranges from Ancient Greek mythology, to Celtic lore, to Swiss fables, to Norse myth, and everywhere and anywhere in between. In issue one, we meet the Mythic Lore team eight in the Midwest, where an unusual drought is wreaking havoc on the locals. Turns out, the sky and mountains haven’t been getting it on, which, when they do, brings the rain. So, it’s up the team to get Stormcloud and Rockwoman back together!

The concept is highly original and great fun to read. The first three issues introduce you to the characters through a variety of small cases, but it’s apparent that something big and nasty is brewing.

mythic cover, image may 2015, phil hester, john mccreaSpeaking of characters, the main trio is made up of an unusual collection of people: Apache shaman Waterson, Greek immortal and oracle Cassandra, and cell phone salesman Nate Jayadarma. Already we’ve been given small glimpses into the characters’ back stories and who they really are, but I just know there is a great depth to these characters, and I’m excited to find out what those depths might be!

The art is unique and detailed, bringing diverse and interesting faces to all of the characters introduced. The monsters and creatures are creepy-awesome and original, while the unique take on well known characters is refreshing! (Small, busty, curvy, and black Venus is absolute gorgeous and one of my favorite appearances so far!) The writing is engaging, and while there is more profanity (the comic is rated M, by the way) than I usually find in the comics I read, I don’t feel that it detracts in anyway from the story and dialogue. The pace is well set and details are given in such a way that it keeps you wanting more.

For an interesting and unusual take on myths and lore, check out Mythic! It’s a lot of fun, and I don’t think you’ll regret it!