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Hello, gaming lovelies! Who out there loves pinball? I was lucky to meet a pinball enthusiast at my Makers meeting last week and got to chat about his collection and about making game mods to pinball machines. How cool! Apparently, a pinball renaissance is taking place and there are even pinball museums.


doctor who miniatures gameCompany secures license to produce a Doctor Who miniatures game

Warlord Games out of Nottingham has secured a license to create a Doctor Who tabletop game and a an official range of miniatures. I’m always tempted to get into miniatures, but that’s an addiction down the rabbit hold I’d like to avoid. I might dip my toe in the water and buy tiny versions of Doctors and Daleks though.


Everybodys ManagementFemale secretaries in Korea fight back against sexist game

In the mobile game, Everybody’s Management, executives can choose either male or female secretaries. While the male secretaries talk about their job experience, the female secretaries show off their appearance, and it’s not sitting well with members of the Korean Association of Administrative Professionals (KAAP). Nothing like perpetuating outdated stereotypes about women working as secretaries. It does inspire me to watch the 1980s flick Nine to Five.


SustainavilleThe charity game, Sustainaville, is live 

The free to download mobile game allows players to create sustainable villages for different regions in need and the in-app purchases are donations to the organization Save the Children to help children in real life.


Beyond EyesBeyond Eyes is sad but beautiful

Get ready to have an emotion. In Beyond Eyes, you’re a little blind girl searching for your friend, a lost cat. I’m so happy to see game studios pushing the envelope with game experiences. In the terms of games which challenge sight, we’ve seen games like Blind Legend and Perception.


That’s it for this week. Feel like I missed something important? Dying to share a new game? Let me know in the comments. Until next week, happy gaming!

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