Day: August 26, 2015

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Get Your Game on Wednesday

Hello, gaming lovelies! Who out there loves pinball? I was lucky to meet a pinball enthusiast at my Makers meeting last week and got to chat about his collection and about making game mods to pinball machines. How cool! Apparently, a pinball renaissance is taking place and there are even pinball museums.   Company secures…

The Best and Worst Boarding Schools in YA

August is coming to an end, and even though it’s been a few years since I’ve had the perversely strange pleasure of picking out new folders and pens, I’m thinking about school. I went to schools of varying degrees of quality and remoteness in a handful of Midwestern states, and while I’m appreciative in many…

3 Takes On Island #2

Island #2 Ed. Brandon Graham and Emma Rios Robin Bougie, Brandon Graham, Will Kirkby, Ludroe, Emma Rios, Simon Roy, and Miguel Alberto Woodward Image Comics August 19, 2015 Island is a new comic magazine edited by Brandon Graham and Emma Rios. The magazine includes prose, illustration, done-in-one, and serialized comics. We reviewed Island #1 here….