Day: August 28, 2015

Kickstarter of the Week: Couri Vine

Couri Vine is a new kid’s comic Kickstarter from all-woman team of Leah Lovise and Vanessa Shealy, with colouring by Indigo Rael, and it’s pretty darn cute. The comic takes place on the Moon, where the people of Earth fled in 2330 after destroying the atmosphere of their home world. Couri is an eleven-year-old girl with…

DC Daily Planet: So Long DC YOU?

There’ve been murmers on the interwebs lately that DC Comics is going back to their “meat and potatoes” brand of comic book storylines, with an order from the top to “stop Batgirling”. Meaning the new initiative for different, and diverse books and stories might be coming to an end. Note that  I said might here….