This Week in WWAC History: Captain Marvel, Lumberjanes, Wonder Woman & Superman, Pigeons! (Yup, Pigeons)

There are an amazing amount of fantastic articles in the WWAC archives and with our inaugural “This Week in WWAC History,” we aim to make it easier for you to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some of our posts from the past.

On July 18, 2012, Megan Byrd reviewed Captain Marvel #1, and if you’ve yet to pick up the first issue, here is your chance to see if you don’t know what you’ve been missing…

A debut issue is a challenging beast in comics; this is doubly so for a book that is re-introducing an established character to old and new fans alike. It is a delicate balance between showing what we know to be true while still offering a fresh perspective. Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Dexter Soy bring us a first issue that attempts to reconcile the needs of all readers, and it is not always successful. Though the focus may shift between keeping old and new fans interested, one thing that is unwavering throughout is the voice of Carol Danvers, and that’s definitely something new.  READ MORE

The entire week was a Carol Danvers-fest:

Carol Appreciation: Ultimate Carol Danvers

Carol Appreciation: Carol and the stories of Other Women

Carol Appreciation: A Love Letter

Carol Appreciation: Captain Marvel Roundtable

wwac-pigeon-indigoOn July 13, 2014, WWAC hosted its first Sunday Art Gala featuring pigeons. That’s right, pigeons…

This week’s theme was… Well, it’s not hard to guess. It was PIGEON. READ MORE

On July 15, 2014, Desiree Rodriguez covered the Wonder Woman/Superman Selfie Variant Cover. Did you forget this cover so soon? Good thing we’re here to remind you…

DC Comics has been releasing themed variant covers since the start of 2014, and their latest theme for August has been selfies.  Several covers have already been released.  The latest cover was released via Twitter by artist Tony Daniel starring DC’s would-be power couple Superman and Wonder Woman.  It’s cute in the way that—DC believes—fans want, but comes off more ridiculous than anything else. READ MORE

Superman Wonder Woman Cover art by Tony Daniel

On July 17, 2014, Lana Jaeger interviewed Trevor Mueller from Reading with Pictures. Have a reluctant reader this summer? You might want to check this out…

Kids love comic books. Kids love to learn. Introducing comic books to the classroom is a sure-fire way to hold students’ interest and help them retain the information being taught. There are so many ways to incorporate comics into education, and Reading With Pictures is an organization devoted to tackling this idea. Their main focus is on producing graphic novel textbooks for elementary school subjects. READ MORE

Camp Logo, Lumberjanes at WeLoveFine, Boom! studios, Mighty Fine, 2014On July 19, 2014, WWAC discussed the important find of Lumberjanes apparel at WeAreFine. Because we should all have at least one of these t-shirts…

You’ve heard, right? Lumberjanes shirts at WeLoveFine! And also a sturdy bag, for all the things you need. WWAC internal mail lit up with important discussions: which would you pick, and what would you wear it with? READ MORE

There you have it. Blasts from the WWAC past. Enjoy!

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Melinda Pierce

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