Day: July 23, 2015

spyfox studios

Alphabear: Unbearably Cute

Name: Alphabear  Studio: Spryfox Cost: Free to play with in-app purchases Platform:  Android/IOS (this review covers the Android version) Genre: Word/Puzzle Release Date: July, 2015 Other games: Triple Town, Road Not Taken [youtube] If you ever played Triple Town–the game where you had to build a town and keep the bears from blocking your…

Dissecting the Asian Drama: Societal Reflections in Gender Perception and Performance (Part 2)

The male characters’ reluctance to accept their attraction to their female leads plays into another concept that Judith Butler explores in her piece “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory.” She talks of the strict repercussions Western cultures, especially in the United States, force onto people who stray outside their…