The Twin Peaks Log: S.2 E.10

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We seem to have hit a slow patch as far as Twin Peaking goes. The middle of Season Two is well-known for being less exciting than all of the others parts of TP, and it’s hard to come up with much to say about these episodes. With that in mind, we are bumping the Log up to two episodes at a time after this entry. I had nothing much to say when I took notes on this one and was hoping for everyone else to comment while I kicked back. But no one else was feeling it, either. So, you know what this means: it’s a Liveblog Rewatch!

The doctor was shooting Sarah Palmer up with that sedative way too casually.major and dr. jacoby, twin peaks, cbs network, david lynch,

Hank is only at the wake for the free food. He wasn’t going to offer Sarah that plate when Norma saw him double-fisting it.

It’s surprising how spiritual the Major turns out to be. It falls in line with the theme of non-conformity of authority figures (the police, the FBI, and now the military).

People are handling Nadine’s teenager regression really, really well.

The name of the episode is “Dispute Between Brothers” and the two old men fighting at the funeral are brothers. What other sibling rivalries are in the show outside of Ben and Jerry Horne? Maddie and Laura register as a cousin rivalry. Nothing else comes to mind.

I wonder if Nadine going back to high school was the inspiration for that Drew Barrymore movie about going back to high school. What was that called? Never Been Kissed!

Oh Audrey, you’re so pretty.

The cut scene of the waterfall echoes the cuts with the wind blowing through the pine trees. It puts me right in the town and brings it to life. And makes me want to visit a waterfall.

Bobby and Shelly should take Leo out in a babyseat so they can go places.

Poor Bobby. This must be his first job interview. Don’t get your hopes too far up, kid!

Catherine asking if Harry believes in guardian angels reminds me of a conversation with one of my aunts years ago: she had read a book about near death experiences and said that everyone has guardian angels and that they can always help you, but you have to ask for their help for them to step in. I always thought that idea was vampire-like. They’ll only step in with permission?

Dick! Offer to install those lights! She’s pregnant! You too, Hawk! And YOU, Andy!twin peaks, agent cooper, david lynch, cbs network, fishing lure,

Aw, Harry made Coop a fishing lure. “A green butt skunk!”

Coop leaving the police precinct reminds me of Dorothy saying goodbye in Oz.

Audrey: “What are you supposed to be, a lounge lizard?” Ha!

Lol- Bobby stuck his gum on the door frame. A surefire way to land the job.

Audrey tells Bobby to buy her an ice cream to repay her favor- there is really very little drinking on TP. For as many adult situations as the teenagers get in, they’re never actually shown drinking or drugging. I wonder if this was Lynch/Frost’s decision, the network’s, or a combination of the two?

Again, people are handling Teenager Nadine like champs. They’re so impressed with her flips.

Good lord, the wheelchair is moving. Look out, Shelly!

Norma’s mom could’ve cut her some slack. It’s an imaginary restaurant and I’d love to go there. What could she have complained about?

Jean Renault has the third bowie tie of the episotwin peaks, cbs network, david lynch, agent cooper, major briggs, Hank and Ed were wearing them at the funeral.

Cooper and Major Garland are roasting marshmallows and talking about the universe around a campfire. I want to be there.

The mysterious references to the “white lodge” remind me of the build-up around “the cabin” in Lost.


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