The Thursday Book Beat: Fifty Shades Is Back Mofos

Christian Grey is Coming

Yes! The S&M loving, business suit wearing, hot for the lip biting man we have all come to know in his real boy form as Jamie Dornan) is back. I guess you could say he wasn’t the dominant (har har) in the last round of storytelling, but that will soon change! We’re getting a book THIS MONTH (June 18th) from the perspective of Christian as — according to James herself — demanded by fans. The first print run will be 1.25 million copies. Personally, I’m not a fan of the book (yeah yeah, I’ve read all three) and the books have serious issues with its central relationship but I’m glad for the fans, I guess. At least there will be a spike of sex related puns whenever the book is being reviewed and reported on.

Judy Blume Might Take An Indefinite Break From Writing

Blume discussed during her interview that she won’t be writing anymore books after her latest, In The Unlikely Event, citing the intensity involved in writing Unlikely for the last five years. Although, she did leave a small window of “maybe” because who knows what a few years down the line will bring? I totally get her decision. Writing can be an all encompassing job so sometimes the distance does really make the heart grow fonder. I hope Blume has a ton of fun living life.

Books About Women Are Less Likely To Win Awards!

Say what? According to a study, books about men dominated books about women in winning literary awards in the last 15 years.

[Nicola] Griffith looked at the winners of the Pulitzer, Man Booker, National Book award, National Book Critics’ Circle award, Hugo and Newbery medal winners over the last 15 years. She collated the gender of the winners, and that of their protagonists, finding that for the Pulitzer, for example, “women wrote zero out of 15 prize-winning books wholly from the point of view of a woman or girl”.

Her study will appear in the summer issue of Mslexia (a magazine for women writers). This news falls under “sad but not surprised”. I hope this study opens people’s eyes to the way the book industry caters to white cis men and that we try to change the industry for the better. In the meantime, I’m just shaking my head at this.

Chinese Authors Weren’t Happy With BEA’s Spotlight On China

The BookExpo Of America was last weekend and this year it was spotlighting China. You’d think that would be great, right? Wrong. Chinese and American authors protested outside the New York Public Library because the Expo is ignoring the country’s censorship issue.

Protest organizer PEN American Center said this week’s BookExpo America features a China delegation of hundreds of people “hand-picked by the Chinese government.”

I suggest reading the rest of the article. Censorship is an important topic and what China is doing is a perfect example of what censorship looks like which seems to escape those who use the term incorrectly.

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